The Zagan Star System is dominated by the Persean League, with an additional Independent world.

Zagan, White Dwarf[edit | edit source]


The beginning of the end for most stars, the white dwarf was once a red giant not massive enough to fuse carbon. Extremely dense and slowly radiating away its heat as it no longer undergoes fusion reactions, its volume is supported against gravitational collapse only by electron degeneracy pressure.

–In-Game Description

  • Center of the Zagan System

Geburah (Zagan I), Volcanic World[edit | edit source]

Zagan I: Geburah

A geologically unstable planet without a permanently formed crust. Glowing fissures and active volcanoes litter the surface, the magma they spew forth combining to form flows that travel hundreds of kilometers across the charred surface.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Zagan

Shoals of Perdition (Asteroid Belt)[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Zagan between Geburah and Mazalot

Mazalot (Zagan II), Arid World[edit | edit source]

Zagan II: Mazalot

Civic centre of the Zagan system, Mazalot is nonetheless a poor and unstable polity known for a series of authoritarian governments that alternately pander to and oppress the majority Luddic population. The planet itself is a story of successful terraforming, albeit water poor. Emplacing and sustaining orbital infrastructure is inconvenient due to an exceptionally strong magnetic field, which has done little to stabilize the independent-minded populace.

Although a locus of population in the Zagan system, and indeed demographically significant in the Sector as a whole, Mazalot is a weak link among the worlds of the Persean League, often the site of coups and proxy-wars. Occasionally a benevolent regime comes to power but it is just as soon thrown down by some outside force in the long game between the League and other major factions.

–In-Game Description

  • Persean League Market
    • Spaceport
    • Light Industrial Complex
    • Luddic Majority
    • Outpost
    • 10^7 Population
  • Orbits Zagan

Tiferet (Zagan II-A), Barren-Bombarded World[edit | edit source]

Zagan II-A: Tiferet

A lifeless rocky world, the battered surface tells an aeons-long story of intermittent meteor bombardment. What atmosphere there is clings to the scarred crust in near-vacuum. There is no significant magnetic field or tectonic activity. Deep regolith prevails, crossed by lava channels and spotted by ancient seas formed by especially large impacts.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mazalot

Mazalot Gate (Inactive Gate)[edit | edit source]

Mazalot Gate

A solid ring of adamantine material, derelict of a former age.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Zagan as Mazalot's L4 trojan

Mazalot Relay[edit | edit source]

Mazalot Relay

A Domain-era technology used primarily on the frontier, this is a hyperwave communications array which transmits and receives data between star systems at faster-than-light speeds. The rapidly pulsing hyperwaves suitable for FTL data transmission have been shown to damage DNA so these relays are always stationed away from habitats.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Zagan as Mazalot's L5 trojan

Melikah (Zagan III), Gas Giant[edit | edit source]

Zagan III: Melikah

Primarily composed of hydrogen and helium gasses. The temperature and pressure at the core are extreme, but not enough to sustain deuterium fusion that would turn the planet into a brown dwarf star.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Zagan

Hikmah (Zagan III-A), Toxic World[edit | edit source]

Zagan III-A: Hikmah

A frozen world enveloped by a thick nitrogen smog dappled with ethane and methane clouds. The surface is formed of eroded water-ice, wind-swept dunes of organic compounds, and hydrocarbon seas. Liquid water erupts bubbling with methane from cryovolcanos driven by tidal heating and decaying radioactive elements deep within the mantle.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Melikah

Ilm (Zagan III-B), Cryovolcanic World[edit | edit source]

Zagan III-B: Ilm

No matter who rules Mazalot, there is money to be made on Ilm in the factories and in the ice-fields whose exports feed capital into this poor system. The youth of Mazalot come here to work, and to send their paychecks home, and many stray from the path of Ludd. In spite of this, Ilm manages to avoid purges and war because no matter who rules on Mazalot, there is money to be made on the independent world of Ilm.

–In-Game Description

  • Independent Market
    • Spaceport
    • Light Industrial Complex
    • Volatiles Mining Complex
    • Vice Demand
    • 10^5 Population
  • Orbits Melikah

Makeshift Nav Buoy[edit | edit source]

Makeshift Nav Buoy

Built using the best technology available in the Sector, a nav buoy monitors the in-system hyperfield and is capable of transmitting its findings to friendly fleets in-system. The data is often somewhat unreliable but still useful in making on-the-fly drive field adjustments.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Zagan as Melikah's L5 trojan

Yesod (Zagan IV), Rocky Ice World[edit | edit source]

Zagan IV: Yesod

This cold, quiet world of stony plateaus riven by sleeping glaciers has been fortified by the Persean League to protect its AM-fuel facility. Fuel production was never brought to full capacity however due to the lack of capital investment post-Collapse. A policy of free trade was instituted to appease civilian suppliers despite objections by whatever the latest government of Mazalot happens to be.

–In-Game Description

  • Persean League Market
    • Antimatter Fuel Production Facility
    • Headquarters
    • Military Base
    • Free Port
    • 10^5 Population
  • Orbits Zagan

Yesod Jump-point[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Zagan as Yesod's L4 trojan

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zagan is a King of Hell in the Ars Goetia.
  • Geburah, Tiferet, and Yesod are nodes on the kabbalistic Sefirot.
  • Mazalot is the Biblical Hebrew word that proably refers to the zodiac.
  • Hikmah is the Islamic term for wisdom, while Ilm is the Islamic term for knowledge.
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