The Yma Star System is dominated by the Persean League, with a pirate presence in Warawara.

Yma, Yellow Star[edit | edit source]


A G2 type primary sequence star, estimated age is five billion years. Surface temperature is only about six thousand degrees, while core temperature could well exceed fifteen million degrees.

–In-Game Description

  • Center of the Yma Star System

Huascar (Yma I), Volcanic World[edit | edit source]

Yma I: Huascar

A geologically unstable planet without a permanently formed crust. Glowing fissures and active volcanoes litter the surface, the magma they spew forth combining to form flows that travel hundreds of kilometers across the charred surface.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Yma

Hanan Pacha (Yma II), Irradiated World[edit | edit source]

Yma II: Hanan Pacha

A crematory world laid to waste by forbidden planet-cracker weapons, the ashes of the millions of dead are still suspended in the atmosphere by planet-wide storms fed by anthropogenic volcanism.

Hanan Pacha was razed by forbidden planet-cracker weapons during the course of the Second AI War (which did not, of course, itself involve AI as the First AI War did, but rather concerned the right to perform inspections into alleged development of AI). The issue of investigation into the details of said forbidden weapon deployment was dropped due to certain other concessions made during the peace agreement.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Yma

Killa (Yma II-A), Barren-Bombarded World[edit | edit source]

Yma II-A: Killa

This moon still bears the scars of war. The domes of its major metropolitan center are ripped open, the ejecta of debris still scattered in radiating patterns laid bare to hard vacuum.

Vague IR readings from otherwise unremarkable terrain hint at camouflaged habitation beneath the regolith. There are definitely survivors hiding inside Killa, though no organized polity maintains open relations with the outside world, and if the slagged hulls of tramp freighters are any indication, the locals aren’t very welcoming.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Hanan Pacha

Chupi Orco (Yma III), Gas Giant[edit | edit source]

Yma III: Chupi Orco

Primarily composed of hydrogen and helium gases. The temperature and pressure at the core are extreme, but not enough to sustain the deuterium fusion that would turn the planet into a brown dwarf star.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Yma

Abandoned Siphon Station[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Siphon Station

Once a giant industrial machine that manipulated the magnetosphere of Chupi Orco to pull volatiles into space from the highest reaches of an artificial storm-system, the coils, generators, and tanks are now gutted, the habitats run-through by energy lances. A few hangars and access tunnels still show minimal life-support function, pitifully lingering until inevitable gas leakage and solar cell fouling leaves the station as cold and dead as the tomb it is.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Chupi Orco
  • One of the three free storage spaces in the Core Worlds

Viscacha (Yma III-A), Toxic World[edit | edit source]

Yma III-A: Viscacha

A captured body from the outer system with a thick, toxic atmosphere, this moon is named both for its quick orbit and an amusingly shaped basin in the southern hemisphere.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Chupi Orco

Salamanca (Yma III-B), Toxic World[edit | edit source]

Yma III-B: Salamanca

A thick nitrogen smog rains hydrocarbons on withered mountains of water-ice that stud Salamanca. At their feet, the stained hab domes disperse armoured workers herding robot-drones which maintain the organics extractors and refineries. All industry here is ruled - from behind appropriate fronts - by an ousted Mazalotian regime/criminal cartel.

–In-Game Description

What began as a megacorp-backed resource-extraction settlement was forcefully overthrown by a small fleet loyal to a regime ousted from Mazalot. They have sought to regain legitimacy by re-entering the Persean League, but are deeply connected to criminal networks and mistrusted even - especially - amongst their League allies.

–Secondary Description

  • Persean League Market
    • Organics Mining Complex
    • Organized Crime
    • 10^5 Population
  • Orbits Chupi Orco

Makeshift Nav Buoy[edit | edit source]

Makeshift Nav Buoy

Built using the best technology available in the Sector, a nav buoy monitors the in-system hyperfield and is capable of transmitting its findings to friendly fleets in-system. The data is often somewhat unreliable but still useful in making on-the-fly drive field adjustments.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Chupi Orco

Viscacha Jump-point[edit | edit source]

  • Inner system jump-point
  • Orbits Yma as Chupi Orco's L4 trojan
  • resides in an asteroid field

Yma Gate (Inactive Gate)[edit | edit source]

Yma Gate

A solid ring of adamantine material, derelict of a former age.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Yma as Chupi Orco's L5 trojan
  • Resides in an asteroid field

Warawara (Yma B), White Dwarf[edit | edit source]

Yma B: Warawara

The beginning of the end for most stars, the white dwarf was once a red giant not massive enough to fuse carbon. Extremely dense and slowly radiating away its heat as it no longer undergoes fusion reactions, its volume is supported against gravitational collapse only by electron degeneracy pressure.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Yma

Qaras (Yma B I), Tundra World[edit | edit source]

Yma B I: Qaras

A habitable if cold world terraformed post-Collapse by stranded elements of the Eridani-Utopia Corporation using in-place infrastructure and stockpiles. The appeal of Qaras never quite matched the radiance of Hanan Pacha until the latter was shockingly razed during the Second AI War.

During the early colonial era of the Sector, Qaras and its orbital bases were a major volatiles/organics collection and processing center operated by Eridani-Utopia. After the Second AI War the entire Yma binary system was declared a demilitarized zone. Qaras, which managed to avoid devastation, was promptly seized by a shaky alliance of rogue mercenaries and brigands. It's not quite been worth the logistical and legal conflicts for the Hegemony to mount a repossession effort. Yet.

–In-Game Description

  • Pirate Market
    • Military Base
    • Spaceport
    • Hydroponics Complex
    • 10^5 Population
  • Orbits Warawara

Qaras Relay[edit | edit source]

Qaras Relay

A Domain-era technology used primarily on the frontier, this is a hyperwave communications array which transmits and receives data between star systems at faster-than-light speeds. The rapidly pulsing hyperwaves suitable for FTL data transmission have been shown to damage DNA so these relays are always stationed away from habitats.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Warawara as Qaras' L5 trojan

Yma B Jump-point[edit | edit source]

  • Outer system jump-point
  • Orbits Yma as Warawara's L4 trojan
  • Resides in an asteroid field

Fringe jump-point[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Yma

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Huascar was the 13th Inca and older brother of Atahualpa, the last ruling Inca.
  • Hanan Pacha is the firmament in Incan cosmology.
  • Killa means "moon" in Quechua.
  • Chupi Orco means " center mountain" in Quechua and i the name of several mountains in Peru and Bolivia.
  • Viscacha is the name of a rodent related to the chinchilla.
  • Salamanca is a city and province in western Spain.
  • Warawara means "star" in Aymara and is the name of three lakes in Bolivia.
  • Qaras is a mountain in the Peruvian Andes.
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