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Xyphos Support Wing
Logistical Data
Designation Support
Ordnance points 15
Fighters in wing 2
Crew per fighter 2
Combat Performance
Base replacement time (seconds) 15
Combat speed 160
Formation V
Maximum engagement range 0
Weapons 1x Ion Beam
1x Burst PD Laser
Hull mods Advanced Optics
Hull integrity 450
Armor 50
Shield type Omni Shield
Shield arc 160
Shield upkeep/sec 0
Flux/damage 1
Flux capacity 600
Flux dissipation 50
Advanced Stats
Mass 30
Fleet points 7
Attack run range 500
Acceleration 300
Deceleration 250
Max turn rate 90
Turn acceleration 180
Heavily shielded and armed with long range weapons, the Xyphos is highly effective in a close support role. Its reliance on targeting and navigation feeds from larger ships mean it's incapable of operating independently.

–In-Game Description


A very unique fighter, the Ion beam and burst PD laser of the Xyphos enable it to both protect its carrier from other wings and bombs as well as disable enemy guns and engines if they drop their shields or are at high flux.

Change History[]


  • reduced roam range to 0 (was: 4000)


  • reworked

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Up to date for version 0.95a