A supply and maintenance depot for interstellar fleets. Increases a colony's accessibility.

–In-game description

A Waystation is a structure. It can be built on any Colony with a Spaceport or Megaport.

A Waystation costs 100 000 credits to construct, and has a build time of 60 days.



  • Provides +10% accessibility to the colony.
  • Causes the colony to begin to stockpile Fuel, Supplies, and Crew into the colonies' Resource Stockpiles.


Waystations have a base upkeep of 1 000 credits, increasing by the same amount for each colony size past 3.


Waystations do not directly produce any commodities, though they do stockpile Fuel, Supplies, and Crew whilst the structure's demands are met.


Waystations demand the following commodities;

  • Fuel; equal to colony size
  • Supplies; equal to colony size
  • Crew; equal to colony size

AI CoresEdit

Waystations receive the following perks from the assignment of an AI Core;

  • Gamma; reduces demand by one unit
  • Beta; reduces demand by one unit, reduces upkeep by 25%
  • Alpha; reduces demand by one unit, reduces upkeep by 25%, greatly increases stockpiling rate and limits
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