A mix of several Old Earth species and a little imagination produced this creature which grows wild in the crushing depths of Volturn's sea-floor. The flavor is said to be exceptional.

–In-Game Description

The price of Volturnian Lobster is unique in that there is only one source of it, planet Volturn in the Askonia Star System, home to the Volturnian Lobster Pens condition. The price it commands increases with distance from Volturn, as well as being based on the cost of Luxury Goods; this means that markets with deficits for Luxury Goods are also good places to sell Volturnian Lobster.

Sindrian Diktat-controlled bars often have a security officer willing to sell you confiscated Volturnian Lobster duty-free and below market value, in 50-unit increments between 50 and 200 and at ¢50-70 per unit.

Volturnian Lobster is contraband in Luddic Church and Luddic Path markets.

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