Venture-class Cruiser

Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 5%
Maintenance (sup/month) 15
Cargo capacity 350
Maximum crew 350
Skeleton crew 125
Fuel capacity 120
Maximum burn 7
Fuel per light year 3
Ordnance points 110
Flight decks 1 (Mining Pod Auxiliary Wing)
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 10,000
Armor rating 1,250
Defense Omni Shield
Flux capacity 7,000
Flux dissipation 300
Top speed 40
Mounts 1x Medium Energy
2x Small Missile
2x Medium Missile
2x Medium Ballistic
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 10%
Recovery cost (supplies) 15
Peak performance (sec) 540
Shield arc 120
Shield upkeep/sec 120
Shield flux/damage 1
Tough, dependable and not overly expensive, Venture-class cruisers are usually constructed by private corporations for escort duty or by small non-aligned worlds for system defense.

The Venture-class ships are perhaps the most widely used civilian cruisers in the Sector. The blueprints for the Venture are widely available and can often be secured without too much trouble.

When used by small corporations, the ship is usually the pride of the fleet and is used to underpin vital operations. Due to its ubiquity, the vessel also serves with quite a few pirate outfits, where it sometimes fills the role of command ship.

–In-Game Description

The Venture is a cruiser with carrier capability. It has strong armor and a relatively low logistics footprint, while its speed, firepower and shields are modest.

Notes[edit | edit source]

A Venture can be an excellent early game choice for exploration & survey missions. Taking a Venture inside the core worlds is often a deathtrap due to the Civilian-grade Hull-enlarged sensor profile but out in the wilds that frequently doesn't matter and the cruiser level Surveying bonus can make a big difference. The Venture is often seen as having many compromises compared to other ships however a meagre 15 supplies per month is an exceptional bargain for what you do get.

A Venture's combat ability should never be underestimated as the combination of many missile mounts and Fast Missile Racks can potentially kill many ships outright. Many players also underestimate its durability, with hull and armor almost to the level of a Dominator.

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