Turning the Tables
Location Outskirts of the Corvus system
Date 207.11.24
Order of Battle
ISS Hamatsu and ISS Black Star with drone escort


Suspected Cult of Lud forces


ISS Black Star (Hammerhead)
ISS Hamatsu (Venture)
Mining Pod Standard Wing x 2
Piranha Bomber Wing
Talon Interceptor Wing x 2

Turning the Tables is the first mission in Starsector.


The independent prospector ISS Hamatsu is coming back from a tech mining expedition on a decivilized world. The haul is good, and the Hamatsu's captain has retained a mercenary ship to provide protection en route to market at the Hegemony worlds.

It turns out the captain's worries were justified. Coming out of hyperspace for a routine refueling stop in the Corvus system, the ships are attacked by suspected Cult of Lud task force. The Ludii blame technology for humanity's ills, and will do anything to prevent the Hamatsu and its high-tech cargo from reaching Hegemony space.

After a brief conference, the captains of the Hamatsu and the mercenary ISS Black Star conclude that a counterattack offers the best chance of success - retreat is not a viable option as the Hamatsu is running low on fuel.

The ISS Black Star is under your command.

Tactical Briefing Edit

  • Defeat all enemy forces
  • ISS Black Star & ISS Hamatsu must survive
  • Stay with the ISS Hamatsu (friendly cruiser) for safety
  • Cult of Lud captains are suicidal and unlikely to disengage


Before you begin, it's worth going to the refit screen and modifying your ship to something that doesn't rely on Sabot SRMs for penetrating shields (as they are ineffective against frigates); the stock Elite variant works for the purpose.

Deploy all your ships at the start, and have your Mining Pods move to one or both objectives, with the Hamatsu positioned nearby to support them. The enemy will get to the objectives before you do, so get ready for a fight.

The Piranhas may attempt to bomb you, so be prepared to dodge. The Hamatsu is armed with Flak Cannons, and lasers will pick off fighters as they attack you, so you don't generally need to worry about them.

The Condor will sit in the back and respawn fighters as you kill them, so you'll want to deal with it. Either your Black Star or the Hamatsu will make short work of it in a one-on-one, although it may be difficult for the Black Star if either enemy frigate is harassing you at the same time.

Contrary to the mission text, the enemy will retreat once you kill the Condor and either of the frigates. If you can, catch ships before they run away for the highest score possible.