Tri-Tachyon Corporation
General Information
Starting attitude Neutral (0)
Offers commissions Yes
Allies none
Enemies Hegemony (-50 Hostile)
Luddic Church (-50 Hostile)
Pirates (-50 Hostile)
Luddic Path (-50 Hostile)
Illegal goods none

The Tri-Tachyon Corporation is one of the major factions in the Sector.


The Tri-Tachyon prefer to use high-tech ships, ranging from the Wolf and Tempest frigates to the Paragon battleship. However, they will use lower-tech ships if their markets are sufficiently destablized.

Tri-Tachyon's largest presence is in the Hybrasil Star System, with three settlements including a military base on Ogma. They also hold the Port Tse Franchise Station #3 (which has a military base) and the planet of Tibicena in the Magec Star System, and maintain two outposts in the Valhalla Star System, where their fleets engage in battle with the Hegemony forces present there.


The most powerful megacorporation in the Sector after the fall of the Domain gate system, Tri-Tachyon specialized in cutting-edge AI development (including several notable cases of violating the Domain ban on autonomous alpha+ level AI) and exotic high-power devices (starship engines and warp drives, power generators, energy converters, forcefields). Since the collapse, Tri-Tachyon has vastly diversified its operations and insinuated itself throughout the Sector. even hostile factions, paranoid of hardwired backdoors, find themselves forced to employ standard Tri-Tachyon devices, beginning with the ubiquitous Tri-Tachyon PDA.

From a certain perspective, the Tri-Tachyon corporate charter's peculiar algorithmic self-modifying features might be considered to be an abstract form of AI which makes use for human corporate officers as integral components, though this is a philosophical argument which was never satisfactorily resolved in a way that led to any additional convictions of violating the Domain's AI ban.

–In-Game Faction Description

Starsector lore writer Ivaylo Kovatchev writes about the Tri-Tachyon:[1]
"To give an example, I profiled the Tri-Tachyon Corporation as arrogant scientist/corporate types. They see themselves as keepers of knowledge, heirs to the technological marvels created by the Domain. Obsessed with efficiency and the acquisition of technology that remains in the Sector, they condemn those that shun them. They are prone to over-thinking problems as a group, and care little for the plight of those outside their inner circle. At their best, they are competent, effective and cooperative with one another. At their worst, they are detached, elitist and cruel. Their belief is that the non-functioning star gates are merely dormant, and they they are actively looking for the key that will awaken them – thus restoring to them the lost technological wealth of the Domain. Secret tech-mining operations run by the Corporation can be found in the farthest reaches of the Sector."

Markets Edit

Culann, size 5, Hybrasil Star System

Eochu Bres, size 6, Hybrasil Star System

Tibicena, Achaman Enterprise Station, size 5, Magec Star System

Port Tse Franchise Station, size 4, Mayasura Star System

Skathi, size 4, Valhalla Star System


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