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"Technology Cache" is one of the two "story quests" introduced in Starsector 0.9. It provides a unique cache filled with rare items, including a potential Alpha AI Core.


Meeting the academic in the bar

Sometimes, at a bar (but not on Luddic Church or Luddic Path markets), the player may find an "academic" with a TriPad haranguing the other patrons. When talked to by the player, they claim to have the location of a secret cache with an alpha core somewhere in the reaches of the Sector. Apparently no-one else believes them enough to go check it out, so the scientist proposes that the player do so. In return for recovering the core for the scientist, the player can have everything else in the cache.

Upon locating the cache, the player will have to confront a defending Remnant fleet.

After salvaging the remains from the battle, the player finds a case containing the AI core, and can choose to collect it for the scientist as promised, or take it for themselves. There is no penalty to appropriating the core besides your own possible feelings of guilt, and in fact the signal transmitted when loading the core into the scientist's crate can attract pirate fleets (50% chance of no spawn, 25% of one pirate fleet and 25% of two fleets).

Regardless of whether the core is taken, the cache also yields rare items: up to 10 blueprints, and a chance for a Corrupted Nanoforge, Pristine Nanoforge, or Synchrotron Core.


  • The cache does not exist in the Sector until the quest is accepted and thus cannot be found independently.

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