Techmining is the motley art of recovering valuable artifacts from Domain ruins. Requires special tools to deal with unique hazards and expert judgement to know where to look for a good haul of baubles. The oldest techminers are a strange lot, clutching luck-charms and refusing to work without their rituals.

–In-game description

Tech-Mining is an industry. It can be built at any Colony that has some degree of ruins.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Tech-Mining does not provide any benefits to the colony.

Upkeep[edit | edit source]

Tech-Mining has a base upkeep of 1 000 credits, increasing by the same amount for every colony size past 3. However, the upkeep cost is limited to 1 000 credits for Scattered Ruins, 2 000 for Widespread Ruins, 3 000 for Extensive Ruins, and 4 000 for Vast Ruins.

Tech-Mining has a construction cost of 150 000 credits, and a build time of 45 days.

Production[edit | edit source]

Unlike other industries, Tech Mining does not produce commodities for consumption or export. It instead finds items usable by the player. At the 1st day of each month, finds are reported in the Intel tab and delivered to the designated production point for the faction.

  • Random chance of potentially finding blueprints, any type of AI Cores, any hullmod, any weapon, Metals, Heavy Machinery, Fuel or Supplies, and special items such as Nanoforges and Synchrotron Cores.
  • Chance to find things is much higher with larger ruins: each size up doubles the chances.
  • Chance to find items decays exponentially over time per ruins (95% every subsequent month), changing the description as it does;
These ruins are largely untapped.

–Less than 10% decay

These ruins have been stripped of easy pickings, but the more difficult areas remain, filled with promise.

–Less than 50% decay

These ruins have been combed through, though the chance for a few new finds still remains.

–Less than 75% decay

These ruins have been comprehensively combed over multiple times, and there is little chance of a new valuable find.

–More than 75% decay

Demand[edit | edit source]

Tech-Mining does not demand any commodities.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Increases Luddic Path Cell interest depending on ruin quality (2/4/6/8 for scattered/widespread/extensive/vast)
  • First time rolling for loot in each ruins has dramatically higher chances of finding things
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Change History[edit | edit source]


  • No longer supplies economic units of commodities
  • Increased monthly drops for smaller ruin sizes


  • Added to the game

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