Travel drive
Boost burn level at the cost of acceleration and wind-up time.

Enabled by default.


Old 0.8 NotesEdit

  • Essential for long-distance travel in sparsely populated areas, can be useful for running away from enemies (with a sufficient head start) or chasing fleeing fleets.
  • Alters sensor profile by +100% while active, even if the fleet is standing still.
  • Restricts how quickly the fleet can change direction.
  • Has a wind down time when finished that reduces maximum burn. If you find yourself heading unavoidably towards a larger hostile fleet then consider immediately hitting Go Dark for a few seconds until your burn level recovers.
  • Currently, the maximum burn level of the fleet cannot exceed 20.
Default Active Sensor Burst · Distress Call · Emergency Burn · Go Dark · Interdiction Pulse · Scavenge (ability) · Sustained Burn · Transponder
From skills Neutrino Detector · Remote Survey · Transverse Jump

Change HistoryEdit


  • Now gives +100% burn instead of +10
  • Means that bonuses to ship burn level (i.e. Augmented Drive Field) are doubled
  • While fleetwide bonuses (tugs, Nav Buoy, etc) are not
  • Slightly increased arc in which it has the highest acceleration penalty
  • Reduced charge up/down time to half a second (was: 2.5 seconds up, 1 second down)
  • Goals are to 1) make burn level of ships mean more and 2) encourage turning SB off sometimes
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