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Planetary surveys can be performed on uninhabited planets and moons to gain survey data and determine suitable targets for colonization.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

To start a survey, the player fleet must first enter low orbit around the planet or use the Remote Survey ability to do a preliminary survey. Each planet has a hazard rating identified during the preliminary survey, caused by hostile conditions such as extreme weather, low/high gravity, temperature extremes and the like. The base hazard rating is 100%.

Performing a survey requires a certain amount of crew and heavy machinery, and consumes some supplies, based on the difficulty. Difficulty is calculated from the planet's hazard rating and size. The Surveying Equipment hullmod reduces machinery and supply requirements by a flat amount, stacking to a floor of 5 of each commodity.

A full survey produces a Survey Data item and gives experience, based on the difficulty and the conditions revealed.

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