Assorted supplies required by ships and crew, ranging from rations and uniforms to munitions, spare parts, microfab feedstock, and prefab components.

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Supplies are a vital resource demanded throughout the sector. They are sold on nearly every market, and most-all activies will reward or consume supplies.

Usage Edit

Supplies are consumed by various different activies throughout the game.

Maintenance Edit

Maintenance is one of the most commons way a fleet will consume supplies. Every ship consumes a set amount of supplies over each in-game month. This amount varies based on the vessel, and can be decreased by the Efficiency Overhaul hullmod and Fleet Logistics skill, with the potential to be decreased with the skill Field Repairs. Maintenance can also increase with the Increased Maintenance damage hullmod.

Combat Readiness Edit

Main article: Combat Readiness
Suspend and Resume Repair Options

Various tasks and occurances throughout the sector reduce a ship's Combat Readiness (CR). To replenish this stat, supplies are either consumed from the fleet over-time whilst in space or immediately when repaired at a shipyard. The amount of supplies taken to replenish CR is based on the vessel, and the speed at which it is replenished can be increased by the Efficiency Overhaul hullmod, though the supplies consumed cannot be decreased or increased.

The consumption of supplies to replenish CR can be halted in the Fleet menu, via the 'Suspend all repairs' button. In exchange, all vessel's CR will stop recovering until reenabled with the 'Resume all repairs' button. Mothballed ships will also not attempt to replenish their CR, and thus do not consume supplies on repair.

Conversely, a complete lack of supplies within the fleet will cause CR to drain instead.

Deployment Edit

Combat is an activity that consumes a moderate amount of supplies from the fleet. Deploying ships into combat incurs a Recovery Cost in supplies taken after the engagement, which varies based on the ship and is reduced by Damage hullmods. Combat also indirectly consumes supplies via Combat Readiness, which decreases the longer a vessel is engaged in combat.

Colonies Edit

Main article: Industry
Main article: Colony

Various industries found on Colonies consume supplies in order to function. This demand is often filled via Trade Convoys untaken by AI fleets, whether from the colonies' faction or other factions, though it may be necessary for supplies from the colonies' stockpile to be consumed, which can be directly contributed to from the fleet. The number of supplies consumed can vary wildly based on a number of factors, including colony size, the type of industry, and AI Cores in use.

The following industries consume supplies to operate:

The establishment of a colony also requires 200 supplies from the fleet.

Surveys Edit

Main article: Survey

Planetary Surveys require supplies to be undertaken. The amount of supplies demanded varies based on the planet's difficulty, which is determined by its size and hazard rating. The amount of supplies consumed can be decreased to a minimum of 5 using the Surveying Equipment hullmod.

Salvaging Edit

Main article: Salvaging

Salvaging does not always consume supplies, however the operation will occasionally suffer an accident which has a chance of consuming a random amount of supplies, as well as the potential loss of Heavy Machinery and Crew casualties. The chance of this occuring is stated before the salvage operation takes place, and accidents may only consume one of the other two components.

Excess Cargo Edit

If the fleet is holding more cargo, fuel, or crew/marines than it has capacity for, it will begin to suffer an over capacity penalty. This is equal to 0.1 supplies per day for each unit of excess the fleet is carrying. For instance, carrying 110 crew with a capacity of 100 crew will penalise the fleet with an increase of 1 supply per day, equal to 10 crew multiplied by 0.1 supplies.

Acquisition Edit

Supplies can be acquired through various methods, with a financial investment generally required.

Market Edit

Markets in the sector sell supplies at almost all times, with a base price of 100 credits. Every market will steadily replenish their stock of supplies over time either through local production or via imports through trade convoys, the latter of which can be interrupted by pirate, terrorist, wartime, or player activity.

Player colonies with the Commerce industry have an identical function.

Bars Edit

Persean League-controlled bars sometimes have port authority employees willing to sell you misappropriated supplies duty-free and below market value (around ¢70 per unit).

Salvaging Edit

Main article: Salvaging

Salvaging rewards the salvager with supplies, amongst other materials. The amount varies based on what is being salvaged and can also be modified by the player's Salvaging skill and the Salvage Gantry hullmod, as well as other factors such as the fleet's supply of Heavy Machinery, crew numbers, and the density of the salvage if a debris field.

After defeating an opposing fleet in battle, the player will also have a chance to salvage the remains of the enemy fleet directly. This is affected differently by modifiers compared to normal salvaging; the Salvage Gantry only has 20% effectiveness, and only Salvaging level 3 has any effect.

Colonies Edit

Main article: Colony
Main article: Industry

Colonies can produce supplies of their own using certain industries. These industries will often send their supplies to other industries, whether within the same colony or between other colonies belonging to the same faction, and extra supplies that are not needed in-faction are exported. In the rare case of excess supplies being left over, these supplies will be put into the colonies' stockpile, where they can be taken by the fleet at the base cost of 100 credits which will be deducted from that colonies' income at the end of the month.

The following industries produce supplies;

Supplies can also be purchased normally from a colony if the Commerce industry is built. This functions the same as a Market, including tariffs for legal trade.

Scuttling Edit

An emergency option, Scuttling allows players to destroy their fleets ships to reclaim some materials from the hull, including a single months worth of maintenance supplies.

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