Stinger-class Proximity Mine
General Information
Mount Small, Ballistic
Primary Role Anti-fighter
Damage type Fragmentation
Range 500
Damage 500
Ammo 2
Ammo recharge per minute 6.0
Releases a cluster of free-floating bomblets that retain the momentum of the launching craft. The bomblets are equipped with a proximity fuse.

A Frag Bomb projector fires Mark VI fragmentation bomblets from three tubes. Unguided and without a propulsion system, the bomblets rely on a friend-or-foe targeting system. Their vast numbers allow them to cover a wide swath of space, effectively creating a Point Defense barrier in that location, albeit for a limited time. When the proximity fuse is triggered by an enemy craft, the bomblet will detonate, achieving similar effects to those of flak weapons.

–In-Game Description

The Stinger-class Proximity Mine is a built-in weapon found on the Wasp Interceptor. The fighter will only use it against missiles and other fighters. Mines detonate if a target comes within 50 units. They deal their full 500 damage within 50 range, scaling down to half damage at 75 range, and dealing no damage further than that.

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