The Domain of Man is no more. Their countless fleets and innumerable armies have been shattered and lost. The comforts of their civilization are a distant memory. Cut off from the Star Gate network and scattered in isolated pockets throughout the galaxy, humanity is trying to recover from the great Collapse.

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About Starsector

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Fractal Softworks' Starsector (formerly Starfarer) is a top-down space combat game. As the player, you directly control your own ship, while issuing orders to other ships in your fleet. The game is currently under heavy development, and many planned features are not yet implemented - however, the planned gameplay for starsector goes above and beyond a basic action tactical shooter. The game will be an open-world, single-player, space-combat, roleplaying, exploration and economic sim, with the player set to seek out glory and riches however he chooses.

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The new version of Starsector has been released. To download; visit the download page on the Starsector website.
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