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Squall MLRS
Squall hardpoint.png
General Information
Mount Large, Missile
Primary Role Suppression
Ordnance points 20
DPS 256
Damage type Kinetic
Range 2,500
Flux/sec 0
Speed Very Fast
Tracking Special
Shots/min 62
Damage 250x20
EMP damage 100x20
Ammo 100
Medium-range anti-shield missiles intended to be used in the opening round of a combat encounter to disable the shields of an unwary opponent, opening up an opportunity for high-damage anti-armour projectiles to be deployed in the immediate aftermath of the Squall salvo.

Interchangable missile pods were designed to allow for ease of rapid reloading of the impressive 20-shot Squall salvo, but the high mass of the pods and finicky mechanicals of the missile autoloaders make the process unwieldy and the timing falls somewhat below the original Domain Armada specifications. Nonetheless, the Squall is a terrifying weapon system when deployed against shield-reliant combatants as it forces a captain with insufficient point defense system to deactive their shields or submit to high shield flux which may lead to overload.

–In-Game Description

The Squall MLRS is a large weapon firing bursts of kinetic damage missiles. The time it takes to fire all 20 missiles in a burst is long so it is best used as a pressure weapon in combination with high explosive ones so the enemy doesn't drop shields. The "special" tracking only considers where the enemy ship is, not where it will be, making this missile consistently miss moving targets smaller/slower than a cruiser.



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Change History[]


  • More accurate target leading
  • Second stage of missiles aims in a spread instead of at a single point


  • (undocumented) Missile does not leave first stage until pointing at target


  • Changed AI to two-stage approach (first stage aims, second stage burns forward)
  • Changed engine and explosion color to be more white for consistency w/ kinetic damage
  • Increased turn rate
  • Reduced hitpoints


  • Added

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Up to date for version 0.95a