As the player earns experience they can level up, which provides skill points. Skill points can be spent progressively unlocking a tree or on specific skills. Unlocking a tree enables skills in that tree to be upgraded higher, although the unlock provides no immediate benefits by itself.

For example one point on a tree allows any of that tree's skill to be upgraded to level 1 at most. To upgrade those skills further additional points need to be spent unlocking that tree further.

Officers can also gain skills, although from a restricted list. They choose from a short list of weighted random choices each time they level up. If the officer has at least one carrier skill then one of those choices will be a carrier skill (if any left) and similarly for combat skills if they have at least one combat skill. The chance of a carrier skill appearing is also weighted by whether the officer is captaining a carrier or not.


Governs skills that directly improve the combat effectiveness of the piloted ship.


Governs skills that improve the combat effectiveness of the fleet as a whole, and skills that improve the effectiveness of fighters.


Governs a wide range of skills that primarily improve both the combat and non-combat performance of the fleet.


Governs a range of skills to do with salvaging and exploration.

Change HistoryEdit


  • Increased maximum player level to 50 for the moment; pending another look at skills
  • Removed Surveying skill; can now survey planets with any hazard rating
  • Increased cost by a flat +10 supplies
  • Significantly reduced the value of survey data (30k for Class V; was: 100k)


  • Coordinated Maneuvers maximum now applies after bonus from current ship is subtracted, not before
  • Recovery Operations: level 3 now provides +50% fuel found instead of +10% general salvage
  • Added "Converted Hangar" modspec to level 2 Fighter Doctrine
  • Fleet Logistics:
    • Swapped level 1 and 2 effects
    • Maintenance cost reduction is now 30% (was: 50%)
  • Helmsmanship: level 3 bonus now applies at up to 5% flux (was: 1%)
  • Advanced Countermeasures:
    • Level 1: increased to -50% kinetic damage vs armor (was: 20%)
    • Level 2: increased to -25% HE damage vs shields (was: 20%)
    • Level 3: damage to fighters/missiles increased by 50% (was: 30%)
  • Fighter Doctrine: bonuses reduced to 15% (were: 25%)
  • Carrier Command: bonuses reduced to 20% (were: 25%)
  • Wing Commander: level 3 accuracy bonus reduced to 50% (was: 100%)


  • Broad skill rework
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