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Sindrian Diktat
Sindrian diktat.png
General Information
Ship name prefix SDS
Starting attitude Neutral (0)
Offers commissions Yes
Allies Persean League (+75 Cooperative)
Enemies Pirates (-50 Hostile)
Luddic Path (-50 Hostile)
Capital Sindria (size 7), Askonia Star System

The Sindrian Diktat is a faction originating from Sindria, in the Askonia system. If fuel, crime & vice, or Volturnian lobster is what you need then the Diktat has you covered.


Sindrian fleets uses mainly midline tech ships such as Hammerheads. The Lion's Guard is the Sindrian elite and field more advanced ships, roughly on par with Tri-Tachyon ships.

The Sindrian Diktat has three planets all in the Askonia system, along with an orbital station and a relay. The capital, Sindria, has multiple ore refining complexes, a military station orbiting it, and the sector's only antimatter refinery. Volturn, which orbits the gas giant Salus, is the sole producer of the exotic commodity, the aptly named Volturnian lobster. The other moon of Salus is the mining outpost Cruor, whose only notable quality is its increased vice demand.


The Sindrian Diktat is a polity founded in a relatively recent Hegemony military intervention in the Askonia system led by Admiral Philip Andrada, formerly of the Hegemony Navy. Andrada's Hegemony psych profile describes him as "intelligent, charismatic, yet prone to narcissistic excess". In his words, the Diktat was "formed in the crucible of the Askonia Crisis and with it a new people: a race of humans with emboldened spirit and clarity of purpose; stronger, possessing the will and determination to overcome the divisions and petty parliamentary politics that bred only chaos when tested by the collapse of the Gate System." Considered by the Sector at large to be a military dictatorship.

–In-Game Faction Description


Sindria, size 7, Askonia Star System

Cruor, size 5, Askonia Star System

Volturn, size 7, Askonia Star System


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