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The Persean Sector is the region of space in the Milky Way galaxy where Starsector takes place. There are dozens of systems, which can be classified in two groups, the Core Worlds, and the outer systems. As of the current version, most of the sector is procedurally generated, which means that the sector will vary from campaign to campaign. Even the Core Worlds have some measure of procedural generation on them, in their outer systems.

The Sector has two types of generation settings for its seed: Age and Size. Age will alter the amount of planets, resources and star colors that will spawn in the Sector's constellations, while Size will alter the amount of star systems in the Sector.

The top image's seed is MN-4486500820655127274. M stands for "Mixed", which makes it so that different constellations have different ages. N stands for "Normal", which means the Sector has the normal amount of star systems on it.


The Sector was settled by people from the Human Domain, a galaxy-spanning human superpower. About 206 Earth years (known as "Cycles" in the Sector) before the time of the game, the gates connecting the Sector to the rest of the galaxy failed mysteriously, in an event known as the Collapse. Cut off from the stability and economic support of the central government, the Sector was soon hit by a range of calamities including famine, brigandage, technological regression, and a general breakdown of society, and that's without mentioning the First AI War that ravaged much of the outer reaches of the sector. In response, several factions such as the Hegemony formed to restore some semblance of order.

At the time of the game, most manufacturing was done by Nanoforges reading from Blueprints on a Universal Access Chip (UAC). Only a minority of colonists had the expertise needed to even start the nanoforges. After the Collapse, powerful, organised groups seized whatever UACs they could acquire, often by force.

Due to the Collapse and the First AI War, most of the Persean Sector's surviving Humans live clustered in the center of the sector, a 12 light-years tall, and 18 light-years wide rectangle known as the Core Worlds.

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