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Disabling safety protocols increases the ship's top speed in combat by 50/30/20/- (depending on ship size, with a corresponding increase in acceleration) and allows the zero-flux engine boost to take effect regardless of flux level. The flux dissipation rate, including that of additional vents, is increased by a factor of 2.

Reduces the peak performance time by a factor of 0.33, prevents the use of active venting, and drastically reduces weapon ranges past 450 units.

Can not be installed on civilian or capital ships.

OP cost: 15/30/45/-


  • Can not be built into ships using story points. (0.9.5a -RC14)
  • Zero-flux engine boost to speed is 50, this is not shown in ship overview.
  • Built-in on many Luddic Path ships and not removed by restoring the ship, making them quite attractive if you wanted Safety Overrides anyway
  • The range penalty is one quarter, applied only to range past 450. Adjusted range = ((range - 450) * 0.25 ) + 450
  • Safety Overrides increases the Engines plume size, indirectly increasing engine durability
  • Take great care fighting inside Terrain that decreases CR faster, such as a Sun's corona.
    • Alternatively fighting in such terrain is excellent against Luddic Path or other Safety Overrides opponents
  • Highly inadvisable to use in conjunction with Unreliable Subsystems
  • SO can easily be identified by the bright coloration of their plumes, which range from bright reddish pink for Low-tech to a harsh purple white for High-tech.

Enforcer-class Destroyer with Safety Overrides

Aurora-class Cruiser with Safety Overrides

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