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An abandoned research station, built either to study some interesting local phenomenon or to study that which is best kept far, far away from inhabited worlds. A cursory scan indicates that it has been cold and dead for tens of cycles at the very least, possibly hundreds. Closer inspection may yield salvage.

–In-Game Description

Research Stations contain a wealth of salvage valuable to any explorer, such as supplies and rare commodities, but more specifically in the form of blueprints. They are commonly found orbiting neutron stars and black holes, but may also be found around other stars, planets, asteroid belts, or in the middle of empty space in a star system. 


  • Research Stations found in [REDACTED] systems are capable of dropping all kinds of AI Cores, including Alpha Cores. Be wary of patrols around these stations.
  • In contrast, Research Stations in non-[REDACTED] systems usually contain powerful weaponry characteristic of the various factions in the Sector.

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