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AI Remnants
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General Information
Ship name prefix TTDS
Starting attitude Hostile (-50)
Offers commissions No
Allies none
Enemies Everyone except Tri-Tachyon (-50 Hostile)

A remnant of the autonomous AI fleets developed by the TriTachyon Corporation. Illegal under Domain (and Hegemony) law, and an abomination to the Church of Galactic Redemption, the First AI War saw these creations purged from the Sector. At least that is how the official histories tell it.

The AI Remnants are a minor faction hiding in the outer reaches of the Sector. They present a serious threat to unwary explorers. They are usually known as the [REDACTED] by the game's community, as this faction's existence is a spoiler.

Warning Beacons[]

DANGER: This star system is known to contain potentially active autonomous weapon systems. Access to this system by unauthorized parties is forbidden by Hegemony Navy diktat 224.34.

– A fully autonomous warning beacon. Contains a solid-state power system which enables theoretical operation and station-keeping half-life with an upwards range in the hundreds of thousands of cycles. The astute starship captain will heed well its warning.

Systems that are inhabited by the Remnant can be identified by the warning beacons in hyperspace. The beacon's color and number of pings indicate the strength of the Remnants inside:

  • Yellow, 1 ping: Low
  • Orange, 2 pings: Medium
  • Red, 3 pings: High

Exploration ships entering a Remnant system should be prepared for a fight, as they use strong high-tech ships and can come in large numbers. With orange systems, it is recommended to bring at minimum a couple of cruisers.

Remnant fleets spawn from battlestations found in orange and red systems. There is no chance of any Remnant battlestation in a yellow threat system. There is a 50% chance of an orange system spawning a damaged station or no station at all. The damaged orange system stations can be defeated by a moderately strong fleet (2-3 cruisers or a single capital, with escorts). The red system stations are fully operational and have a high-level officer; multiple battleships may be required to take one down.

Remnant fleets are divided in 3 types: Fragments, Sub-Ordos and Ordos:

  • Remnant Fragments are the smallest of their fleets. These fleets can have between 1 and 6 ships. The largest fragments can have up to 2 Cruisers, 3 Destroyers, and 3 Frigates. The smaller Fragments can be encountered at the jump-points of any constellation that has at least one Warning Beacon, or guarding interesting objects like Caches, Debris Fields, and Abandoned Stations.
  • Remnant Sub-Ordos are the medium-sized fleets, and the ones most commonly encountered in medium and high-danger systems. These fleets have between 7 and 10 ships. Remnant Sub-Ordos have a balanced amount of Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates. Rarely, a Sub-Ordo can have a single capital ship. These are usually found roaming their systems, and guarding their stations.
  • Remnant Ordos are the largest of the Remnant fleets, and they are usually encountered in high-danger systems, and very rarely in medium-danger systems. These fleets have between 10 and 15 ships. Remnant Ordos have few frigates, and large amounts of Destroyers and Cruisers. They usually have a single Capital Ship commanding them, but they can spawn without one. They're usually seen guarding the more intact Remnant Stations alongside the Sub-Ordos.

Remnant ships are officered by AI Cores, similar to a player using the Automated Ships skill but without the deployment point limit. Particularly large Ordos may have well over a dozen cores of varying types.


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