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A remnant of the autonomous AI fleets developed by the TriTachyon Corporation. Illegal under Domain (and Hegemony) law, and an abomination to the Church of Galactic Redemption, the First AI War saw these creations purged from the Sector. At least that is how the official histories tell it.

This is a fully armed and operational autonomous AI battlestation. Stations such as this acted as fuel and supply depot, robotic factory, command nexus, and weapon platform in support of AI fleets operating on a strategic level. The "Declaration of Victory" speech given by the High Hegemon following the First AI War stated that all AI battlestations had been destroyed.

–In-Game Description

The Remnant Battlestation (fleet name Nexus) is a very large Remnant combatant that uses the new multi-part combat station mechanics. Its large central core is invulnerable due to the Vast Bulk hull mod, but its numerous small modules are destructible and the station itself will die when all modules are destroyed.

The Remnant Battlestation can spawn as either damaged or the much more dangerous fully operational variant. The damaged Nexus will spawn in orange beacon systems, while the pristine Nexus will spawn in the red beacon systems.

Remnant fleets will spawn from Remnant stations in the campaign, so if there's a planet that could be a very valuable colony, the Nexus will have to be destroyed first to ensure the colony's safety. However, one can also choose to leave the station alive and farm its fleets for AI Cores, or even provide a serious obstacle to even the most formidable expeditions.

Damaged Remnant Battlestation[]

Damaged Battlestation 1.png

The damaged battlestation will have modules:

  • 3x Armor
  • 2x Weapon Platform 2
  • 1x Hangar, Standard Variant

It has a mid-level officer.

The core has hull mods:

The lack of any shielding whatsoever and numerous unused module hardpoints make this station much less durable than otherwise. It is still capable of putting out notable damage although not enough to seriously threaten most capital ships or some heavy cruisers. Quite susceptible to massed torpedo strikes.

Fully Operational Battlestation[]

Fully Operational Battlestation 1.png

The fully operational battlestation will have modules:

  • 3x Armor
  • 3x Weapon Platform 1
  • 3x Citadel
  • 4x Weapon Platform 2
  • 1x Hangar, Standard Variant
  • 1x Hangar, Strike Variant

It has a high-level officer.

The core has hull mods:

The amount of firepower and very brutal PD coverage necessitate a significant force expenditure. Do not attempt with insufficient forces as they can easily find themselves too far within the extended range of its capital-scale firepower to possibly escape.



Remnant Station Armour
Remnant station armour3.png
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) %

Combat Performance
Hull integrity 5000
Armor rating 800

Advanced Stats

These are wrapped around the outermost, unshielded, weapon platform 1s.

Weapon Platform 1[]

Remnant Station Weapons Platform 1
Remnant weapon platform1.png
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) %

Combat Performance
Hull integrity 10000
Armor rating 1500
Flux capacity 17000 (+2000)
Flux dissipation 1200 (+200)
Mounts 1x Large Missile
1x Large Ballistic
1x Large Energy
Advanced Stats

These are used at the far corners of the station as primary heavy weapons platforms. They neither have their own shield nor are covered by any other shield modules, leading to a vulnerability to HE damage. The mixed weapons package is effective against both armor and shields at extended range.

Weapons Platform 2[]

Remnant Station Weapons Platform 2
Remnant weapon platform2.png
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) %

Combat Performance
Hull integrity 6000
Armor rating 1000
Flux capacity 10800 (+800)
Flux dissipation 950 (+200)
Mounts 1x Large Energy
4x Medium Energy
Advanced Stats

Quite a lot of burst damage.


Remnant Station Citadel
Remnant station shield2.png
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) %

Combat Performance
Hull integrity 5000
Armor rating 500
Defense Front Shield
Flux capacity 22000 (+2000)
Flux dissipation 1200 (+200)
Mounts 2x Large Energy
Weapon Loadout 2x Guardian PD System
Advanced Stats

Shield arc 90
Shield upkeep/sec 0.4
Shield flux/damage 0.8

Provides shielding for itself and nearby Weapon Platform modules. Notable gaps in shield coverage near the Armor Platform modules. Significant burst PD coverage provided by the 2x Guardian PD System.


Remnant Station Hangar
Remnant station hangar1.png
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) %

Flight decks 3
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 5000
Armor rating 750
Flux capacity 7000 (+2000)
Flux dissipation 500 (+200)
System Recall Device
Mounts 2x Medium Energy
2x Small Energy
Weapon Loadout 2x Pulse Laser
2x PD Laser
1x Lux
and either
2x Spark
2x Flash
Advanced Stats

There are two variants of hangars with equivalent armament & defences, although the Standard Variant houses 1x Lux & 2x Spark wings, while the Strike Variant houses 1x Lux & 2x Flash wings.

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