Pirate Base in combat

Pirate Bases are built by the pirates in uninhabited star systems. They are a new feature introduced in version 0.9.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Bases have the basic functionality of a market and have a station for protection. Killing the station destroys the base, although a new base will spawn in time. Bases will always be found orbiting a planet or within a terrain feature such as an asteroid belt. The station is usually of the Low Tech type, but can sometimes be Midline or even High Tech.

Bases can target a star system to cause the Pirate Activity market condition, which reduces accessibility and stability of all markets in the system. They can also launch pirate raids at the target system.

If a base is causing pirate activity in a star system and its location is not known (not shown in the Intel screen), the player can find it by going to a bar in the affected system. There will be an option to buy the "grizzled spacer" some drinks, after which the base location will be revealed. Factions will also sometimes issue bounties on pirate bases, which reveals their location.

Being friendly with pirates does not reduce the pirate activity penalties.

Base levels[edit | edit source]

Bases have 5 levels (semi-hidden value), upgrading over time. The level affects the station's strength (lower-level bases will have some modules missing from the station), the severity of the Pirate Activity condition penalties, the size and quality of its fleets, and the bounty rewards.

Level Module count Stability penalty Accessibility penalty Raid size mult Base bounty (credits)
1 1 1 10% 1 100,000
2 1 1 20% 1.5 150,000
3 2 2 30% 2.5 200,000
4 3 2 40% 3 250,000
5 3 3 50% 4 300,000

Tips & Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • If you're having trouble finding a base, you can take over or destroy one of the star system's objectives (comm relay, nav buoy or sensor array), then wait for a pirate fleet to check it out. Said fleet will usually come from the direction of the pirate base.

Change History[edit | edit source]


  • Can no longer repeatedly spawn in the same system without some time passing
  • Reduced likelihood of player colonies being targeted by pirate bases that are very far away
  • Fixed issue with intel for some of the destroyed pirate bases sticking around indefinitely
  • Fixed experience gained not being displayed on defeating a pirate base


  • Added to the game

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Up to date for version 0.9.1

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