Teleports the ship forward in the direction it's traveling. The system slowly builds up to three charges which can then be expended in short order.

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This ship system is known to be used on the following ships:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Phase Skimmer will teleport ship 300 SU based on the direction it is travelling in, provided there are no obstacles. The ship facing post-teleport is towards the target or if no target set then towards the mouse cursor.
  • Obstacles in the teleport destination such as other ships or asteroids cause the teleporting ship to bump to the nearest available location.
    • For example if a ship is in the way and the destination is just past middle of the obstacle, then the teleporting ship will jump to the far side of it. Conversely if the destination is just short of the middle of the obstacle, then the teleporting ship will jump to the near side of it.
      • This can be used advantageously to gain extra range on a teleport.
      • Deliberately placing the player flagship in the teleport destination plus a little extra distance can greatly reduce enemy teleport distance.
  • Phase Skimmer will cause any missiles currently chasing the ship to seek another target.
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