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Persean League
Persean league-0.png
General Information
Ship name prefix PLS
Starting attitude Neutral (0)
Offers commissions Yes
Allies Sindrian Diktat (+75 Cooperative)
Enemies Hegemony (-50 Hostile)
Pirates (-50 Hostile)
Luddic Path (-50 Hostile)
Capital Kazeron (size 7), Thule Star System

The Persean League is a powerful faction opposed to the Hegemony. It has a wide reach, controlling the same number of markets as the Hegemony.


The League uses a range of midline and high-tech ships, providing an alternative source to Tri-Tachyon for the latter. Its largest world, Kazeron, has a military submarket and a high stability, and is a good place for purchasing supplies, ships and weapons and selling survey data.

The League is initially friendly with the Sindrian Diktat and hostile to the Hegemony.


An alliance formed to counter Hegemony domination of the Sector. Members of the League don't necessarily agree on all issues, domestic or otherwise, and may even come into armed conflict with one another. But the League is united when it comes to the Hegemony who they consider to be illegitimately enforcing martial law in the name of the Domain, a dead political entity. The League, by its laws, unites against other external threats such as particularly meddlesome megacorporations, warlords, and the Luddic Path.

The Persean League is not intrinsically egalitarian or for individual freedom as-such – the purpose of the League is freedom of the constituent polities with any matters of internal politics of those polities to be left to their own devices. While the Domain might have intervened against the domestic policies of the worlds it ruled, the League specifically forbids such intervention.

–In-Game Faction Description

“Make no mistake, the Persean League is not egalitarian, it does not protect individual freedom. Their goal is only the freedom of their member polities as entities unto themselves – this is the freedom of the Kazeron oligarchs to enslave the weak, to exploit the masses, to run an archipelago of petty dictatorships against coordinated mass action of the free peoples of the Sector!”

–How to Identify and Classify Antis, Hegemony Ministry of Information FactNet[1]


Lacaille Habitat, size 4, Isirah Star System

Olinadu, size 5, Kumari Kandam Star System

Mairaath, size 5, Mayasura Star System

Kazeron, size 7, Thule Star System

Cibola, size 5, Tyle Star System

Madeira, size 6, Tyle Star System

Athulf, size 4, Westernesse Star System

Filkenhild, size 6, Westernesse Star System

Suddene, size 5, Westernesse Star System

Salamanca, size 5, Yma Star System

Mazalot, size 7, Zagan Star System

Yesod, size 5, Zagan Star System


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