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Paragon-class Battleship
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 4%
Maintenance (sup/month) 60
Cargo capacity 300
Maximum crew 1,000
Skeleton crew 400
Fuel capacity 300
Maximum burn 7
Fuel per light year 10
Ordnance points 370
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 18,000
Armor rating 1,500
Defense Omni Shield
Flux capacity 25,000
Flux dissipation 1,250
Top speed 30
Mounts 2x Medium Universal
4x Small Missile
4x Large Energy
4x Medium Energy
9x Small Energy
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery cost (supplies) 60
Peak performance (sec) 720
Shield arc 360
Shield upkeep/sec 750
Shield flux/damage 0.6
The pinnacle of the Domain's battleship designs, though perhaps less the result of military necessity and more of the ambitions of certain senior strategic staff of the Domain Navy with considerable backing from the Tri-Tachyon corporation, among other major contractors.

No ship can outlast or outgun the Paragon-class, a true Leviathan of a bygone epoch.

–In-Game Description


The Paragon is a high-tech battleship although unlike most other high-tech ships it is quite slow, often compared to a moving station. It takes significant effort to take down even with superior numbers and flanking. The Paragon features fairly sturdy armor and hull, strong 360° omni shield, high flux stats and considerable firepower in all directions.

A key aspect to note about the Paragon is that it is able to focus all 4 large energy hardpoints in the front, allowing for a very high DPS cone of fire.

The Fortress Shield ship system deserves particular note as when it is toggled on (the shield turns red) then it is extremely difficult to damage. It does generate hard flux while active so it cannot hide under there forever but it can hide for a very long time if it so chooses to.

There are few different common approaches to loadouts for a Paragon.


All beams, all the time. The generally long range of many beams and the reliability of beams hitting targets enables the Paragon to make excellent use of its unique Advanced Targeting Core hullmod. Typical weapons would be Tachyon Lance, High Intensity Laser, Graviton Beam, Ion Beam or Tactical Laser. The Advanced Optics hullmod is worth special consideration, as does Advanced Turret Gyros to help offset the weapon turn speed reduction or assist with keeping beams on targets that do manage to close in.

Maximum Firepower[]

The Paragon's Fortress Shield allows it to vent soft flux from its weapons fire while hiding under the shield. This is the cornerstone of the Maximum Firepower build which tries to output as much damage as quickly as possible before toggling the Fortress Shield on to vent off the flux in safety.

This build prioritizes weapons that have very high flux/sec values or front-loaded output such as the Plasma Cannon, Tachyon Lance, Heavy Blaster, Mining Blaster or Heavy Needler.

Simple usage of this type of build involves watching your flux capacity & toggling the Fortress Shield when it is getting high. Advanced usage of this build is assessing incoming damage potential & dynamically toggling the Fortress Shield when the incoming damage is not too high. This requires a good working knowledge of damage mechanics & various weapons but provides for an excellent compromise between defensive & offensive strength.

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Change History[]


  • Fixed minor missile slot facing asymmetry


  • Increased deployment and monthly maintenance cost to 60 (was: 50)
  • Reduced crew required to 400 (was: 450)


  • Paragon's Advanced Targeting Core modified to only add 50% range for PD weapons (still 100% for other weapons)

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Only up to date for version 0.95. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History.