An abandoned orbital habitat. A cursory scan indicates that it has been cold and dead for tens of cycles at the very least, possibly hundreds. Closer inspection may yield salvage.

–In-Game Description

Orbital Habitats are home to abandoned stockpiles of all kinds of commodities, including domestic goods, luxury goods, Volturnian Lobstersfood, harvested organs, recreational drugs, and heavy armaments. They are most commonly found orbiting planets, and it is likely that some planets in the system may contain ruins.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The minimum amount of crew and heavy machinery required to salvage an orbital habitat is:
    • 100 crew and 30 heavy machinery.
  • Due to their relatively low salvage cost and abundancy throughout the Sector, Orbital Habitats are a great place for players to scavenge early on.
  • In addition to the valuable commodities, several civilian hulls may be available for adoption into a player's fleet.

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