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The Omega are a pseudo-faction introduced in Starsector 0.95. They present endgame combat challenges for the player with their unique, almost alien ships. The Omega have a relationship of unclear nature with the Remnants.


A Tesseract

The Omega have a few ship types:

Two Tesseracts are found guarding each Coronal Hypershunt, and one appears in a late-game, one-off contact bounty with a large Remnant fleet.

Each Omega ship has exceptional flux stats, defenses and mobility, and is armed with unique powerful weapons not known to other factions. Further, when an Omega ship is destroyed, it breaks up into smaller, live ships and Aspect wings:

  • Tesseract breaks into a Facet, two Shards and three wings
  • Facet breaks into a Shard and two wings
  • Dextral and Sinistral Shards break into two wings

Significantly, the newly spawned ships will attempt to have a loadout designed to counter nearby player ships.

  • Player ships with strong shields or armor will make the new ship prefer an anti-shield or anti-armor variant respectively.
  • Player fighters will make the new ship prefer a point defense variant.
  • Player ships vulnerable to missiles (due to being currently overloaded or venting) will make the new ship prefer a missile variant.

Defeating Tesseracts is the only source of Omega weapons other than the cache at the Alpha Site.

Other notes[]

Omega Core

Omega Cores exist as a defined item in the game, with a value of 1 million credits. Omega Cores have an officer level of 9 and do not drop when the ship is disabled or destroyed, unlike regular AI Cores.

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