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Officer assignment screen

Officers are skilled individuals who captain ships in battle, adding combat abilities similar to those of the player's flagship. They can be found in both player and NPC fleets.

The player fleet can have up to 8 officers by default (not counting the player character), which can be increased to 10 with the Officer Management skill. Temporary "mercenary" officers can also be recruited at the cost of SP. NPC fleets have varying number of officers depending on their type and faction; certain specific bounty fleets can have an officer on every ship.

Acquiring officers[]

Officers can sometimes be found in the comm directory of markets, with a higher chance of them appearing in military outposts & faction homeworlds. The player can contact and recruit them from there for a small fee (2,000 credits per level). Officers can also sometimes be found for free in sleeper pods while salvaging; these will typically have a high level.


Hiring a new officer

Each officer has a level that starts at 1 and normally goes up to 5, and a set of skills depending on their level. Officers can have any of the combat skills, and skills from the other trees which only affect the piloted ship.[1]

Player officers gain XP when participating in combat, split between all officers present weighted by the amount of time they spent in the battle. Like the player, officers gain a new skill at each level up.

Officers can be assigned to a ship in the player fleet by clicking on the portrait icon in the fleet screen.

Player officers cannot be personally injured or killed in combat, although the player can dismiss them at any time.

Officers are paid a monthly salary of 500 credits, plus 400 per level. Mercenary officers have twice the salary.

Officer personalities[]

An interpretation of officer personalities

Officers come with one of five different "personalities" that determine how they behave in combat.[1]

  • Timid: Strongly attempt to stay out of enemy weapon threat areas and choose range based on longest range non-missile weapon.
  • Cautious: Strongly attempt to stay at range of longest range non-missile weapon.
  • Steady: Attempt to range to target enemy based strongly on relative flux levels. Default behavior.
  • Aggressive: Strongly attempts to stay at range of its shortest non-missile weapon, including PD weapons. Civilian ships will behave as if they were combat ships.
  • Reckless: Strongly attempts to stay at range of its shortest non-missile weapon, including PD weapons. Does not consider non-target enemy ships when deciding to move in.

There is also one special personality, as a spoiler.

  • Fearless: Like reckless, but never retreat and will kept fighting even if incapable of combat, until disabled or destroyed. Exclusive to Automated Ships.

Please check the AI Behaviour page for more advanced AI behaviors and how they interact with officer personalities.

NPC fleets do not have timid officers by default.

If a fleet only has timid or non-combat ships on the field, timid officers will behave as if they were cautious. This was implemented to avoid cases of a timid-only enemy fleet endlessly avoiding contact with the player.[2][3]

Mentoring and elite skills[]

The player can spend SP 100% XP to "mentor" an officer, which doubles their XP gain rate, allows a change in their personality by one level, and makes a wider selection of skills available to them at level up. Further, spending SP 0% XP allows raising one of the officer's skills to elite level (only one skill can be made elite). Officers found in cryopods can already have one or more elite skills.

Other notes[]

Faction aggressiveness influences officer personalities available for hire from that faction. So if you are looking for aggressive officers then best chances are with the more aggressive factions.

When the player switches flagships before an engagement, the player character and any officer present exchange ships. When switching in combat, the officer's skills are replaced by the player character's while commandeering the ship.

The Patrol HQ, Military Base and High Command industries increase the chance of an officer spawning on their market.


Change History[]


  • TBD


  • Now start with 2 skill selections at level 1
  • Max out with 7 level 3 skills at level 20
  • Limited to 10 skills total
  • Added new officer personality: "Reckless"
    • A more aggressive version of aggressive; always behaves as if "search & destroy" was on

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