Magec relay

An independent makeshift comm relay in the Magec star system

In the campaign, objectives are space structures found in star systems, which can only be built at stable locations. Three types of objective exist: the comm relay, nav buoy and sensor array.

In combat, objectives appear as points on the map that generate certain tactical bonuses for their side. Objectives are initially neutral and each side can take control of an objective by having a ship near it (and no enemies nearby) for a certain period of time.

Campaign Edit

Stable location
This otherwise unremarkable point in the surrounding vast emptiness is a local minimum in the star system's hyperwave field. The relative lack of interference makes it uniquely suited for the placement of hyperwave-tech-using structures.

–Stable Location In-Game Description

Campaign-layer objectives are divided into two categories: Domain-era and makeshift. Built using pre-Collapse technology, the Domain-era objectives have stronger effects than the makeshift ones and cannot be replaced if lost.

Multiples of the same objective type will not stack their bonuses, although they do provide some resilience against losing the bonuses to enemy actions.

The player can hack an existing objective or take it over to gain its benefits, or break it for salvage. Capturing or destroying objectives will anger the owning faction if it has at least one market in the star system. No invasive or hostile actions can be performed on an objective if a faction patrol is nearby.

Each star system has a total of 0-3 objectives and stable locations. The placement of stable locations is fixed and new ones cannot be created. Breaking an objective allows a new one to be built at that location.

Constructing a makeshift objective requires 20 heavy machinery, 100 metals and 10 transplutonics; disassembling it returns half the resources. Disassembling a Domain-era objective returns 25 heavy machinery, 100 metals, 10 transplutonics and 10 volatiles. Domain-era objectives found in uninhabited star systems are inactive and require 5 heavy machinery to reactivate.

Comm relay Edit

Icon relay Icon relay makeshift

Adds +1 stability to the owning faction's markets in the system (+2 for Domain-era relay), and negates the -1 stability bonus from not having a relay for all in-system markets (regardless of faction). Being in or near a system with a comm relay is required to receive most intel items in the Sector, and to view global information on markets and commodity prices.

Unlike other objectives which are hacked to gain their benefits, the player can install comm sniffers on a relay, allowing them to receive missions from that star system even when not nearby. If the player has only one sniffer it is guaranteed not to be found; more sniffers will be periodically found and removed.

Nav buoy Edit

Icon nav buoy Icon nav buoy makeshift

Adds +2 burn speed to fleets of the owning faction (+3 for Domain-era buoy).

Sensor array Edit

Icon sensor array Icon sensor array makeshift

Adds +400 sensor range (+700 for Domain-era array) to fleets of the owning faction.

Combat Edit

Combat objectives are unrelated to campaign ones, except for having similar names. A number of them will appear in sufficiently large battles (including in hyperspace), but not in battles against stations.

The nav buoy increases the speed of its side's ships by 5%, up to the limit set by the Coordinated Maneuvers skill. Because the skill's per-ship speed bonus also counts towards this limit, the benefit of this objective is generally very limited.

The sensor jammer increases its side's ECM rating by 5%, up to the limit set by and stacking with the per-ship bonus of the Electronic Warfare skill. Capturing these can be useful to tip the ECM rating balance in the player's favor.

The comm relay increases its side's command point recovery by 25%.

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