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Mudskipper Mk.II-class Frigate

Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 5%
Maintenance (sup/month) 2.0
Cargo capacity 70
Maximum crew 100
Skeleton crew 5
Fuel capacity 40
Maximum burn 9
Fuel per light year 1
Ordnance points 30
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 1000
Armor rating 150
Defense None
Flux capacity 750
Flux dissipation 75
Top speed 90
Mounts 1x Large Ballistic
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery cost (supplies) 2
Peak performance (sec) 180
A series of ill-advised modifications have been made to militarize this normally-harmless hull. Whether it's more dangerous to its crew or its enemies remains a point of contention at dockside bars, but these modification are often favored by pirates seeking to create the impression of overwhelming firepower.

The HGA-220 was first produced as the "Pegasus"-class, but common use has anointed it with the altogether more humble name of "Mudskipper". This tough little ship has been a mainstay in civilian transport for backwater colonies for centuries, and although not pretty, the rugged construction simplifies maintenance while the generous bay doors allow for great versatility in application. Much of the Mudskipper's image plays to somewhat unlikely uses, such as moving extremely potent-looking industrial turbines, or an enduring holovid sequence featuring a Mudskipper transporting a herd of bovids to a picturesque arid-terraform.

Most commonly used as interplanetary ferry, the Mudskipper is indeed interstellar-capable. The ship has no built-in shield generator and so must rely on its durable - for a civilian craft - armour to protect passengers and cargo from the elements of space travel and its maneuvering thrusters to avoid fast-moving obstacles. There is little hope for the Mudskipper in combat, but it is generally equipped with a rear-facing turret to foil attacks by the ever-popular Salamander missile.

–In-Game Description


The Mudskipper Mk.2 is a frigate converted from the Mudskipper. It is the only frigate capable of mounting a large weapon, although there is considerable debate on how useful that is. It is capable of firing most large ballistic weapons, except the Gauss Cannon, which requires 1200 flux to fire one shot and therefore necessitates a minimum of 3 capacitors in order to fire at all.

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