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Mora-class Carrier

Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 4%
Maintenance (sup/month) 20
Cargo capacity 100
Maximum crew 300
Skeleton crew 200
Fuel capacity 60
Maximum burn 8
Fuel per light year 4
Ordnance points 115
Flight decks 3
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 10,000
Armor rating 1250
Defense Omni Shield
Flux capacity 4,000
Flux dissipation 200
Top speed 45
System Damper Field
Mounts 2x Medium Missile
8x Small Ballistic
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 12%
Recovery cost (supplies) 20
Peak performance (sec) 420
Shield arc 150
Shield upkeep/sec 80
Shield flux/damage 1
This class of carrier was commissioned during the same period of carrier-centric Domain naval doctrine as the ubiquitous Talon fighter. Armored to withstand the fury of battle alongside the Onslaught, the Mora was nonetheless decommissioned en masse as doctrine shifted to favour heavier guns and capital ships flanked by line-cruisers.

Demilitarized hulls were sold and converted into mobile industrial platforms for use on the frontiers of the Domain. The rugged and eminently adaptable Mora was a common sight in the long-range surveying, mining, construction, drone handling, and use as mobile drydocks. Some hulls were even half-buried on alien worlds and used as armoured power-stations and workshops to form the core of new settlements.

After the Collapse, Mora hulls were re-militarized almost suspiciously rapidly by factions that did not possess dedicated fleet carriers. Today they are an anvil upon which many an unwary Pirate warlord is broken.

–In-Game Description


The Mora is a respectable and well armoured carrier, with an excellent Damper Field defensive subsystem making it extremely difficult to destroy quickly in fights. With two turreted medium missile hardpoints, it is capable of equipping finisher missiles such as Harpoons or Reapers to launch at crippled vessels as a finisher or pressure missiles such as Annihilators, Pilums or Sabots to keep up or break shields.

It is however slow, and has limited flux capability which limits what can be fitted in it's myriad of small slots without flux-locking itself in fights.

It can field three fighter wings, which for it's deployment cost gives it fairly reasonable flight deck efficiency, only being beaten by the Condor. Attention must be given to how much OP is spent on fighters versus weapons, as it is easy to neglect one or the other, which usually leads to a much more inefficient and ineffective loadout.

It's worth noting that the Mora is classified a Combat carrier, much like the Legion, and hence will attempt to move into firing range of the enemy, assuming it is fitted with direct fire weapons. In comparison to the Heron, which has the same deployment cost, the Mora is much tougher and difficult to kill once under fire, however the Heron will actively avoid combat and attempt to kite enemies at max range, whereas the Mora will gladly fill gaps in the battle line and attempt to engage enemies where possible.

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