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Monitor-class Frigate
Monitor ff2.png
Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 8%
Maintenance (sup/month) 6.0
Cargo capacity 30
Maximum crew 30
Skeleton crew 15
Fuel capacity 20
Maximum burn 10
Fuel per light year 1
Ordnance points 30
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 1,500
Armor rating 175
Defense Omni Shield
Flux capacity 4,000
Flux dissipation 120
Top speed 90
Mounts 2x Small Universal
Built-in Weapons 2x Flak Cannon
Hull mods Flux Shunt
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 10%
Recovery cost (supplies) 6
Peak performance (sec) 360
Shield arc 300
Shield upkeep/sec 60
Shield flux/damage 0.8
An oddity among ships, the Monitor is the result of the line of thought that 'sometimes the best defense is indeed the best defense'. It features turret mounts angled to provide wide interception arcs and a unique 'flux shunt' modification to its integrated power systems specially constructed to relieve flux generated by shields. Indeed, the Monitor makes up for a lack of maneuverability and concentrated firepower with the ability to withstand prolonged bombardment from enemy ordinance unseen in hulls of similar tonnage.

Though its experimental nature is perhaps a sign of the innovation that eras of turmoil seem to inspire, whether the Monitor's radical defensive focus is a boon or pitfall remains an issue of some contention. Several dramatic failures in convoy protection patrols were explained by Ko Combine public relations representatives to be the fault of improper tactics employed by convoy commanders. Ko Combine maintains that when positioned correctly in a combat situation and supported by strike-craft - as the anvil and hammer, respectively - simulations demonstrate that the Monitor significantly enhances convoy survivability against the average pirate attack. Prominent critics remain.

–In-Game Description


The Monitor is a heavy high-survivability frigate. Its unique Flux Shunt hullmod allows it to keep its Fortress Shield ship system up indefinitely, making it virtually invulnerable while doing so (although Combat Readiness degradation will still eventually disable or kill it).


These somewhat rare finds are highly prized as the best defensive, body-blocking escorts available. They can occasionally be found in the Hegemony Military markets.

Suggested Loadouts and Strategies[]

AI Fortress Shield[]

The two small universal mounts can be fitted with Light Mortar or additional Point Defense Guns in order to sync up the one second firing delay with the built-in Flak Cannon. This is particularly useful for AI control who can then reliably flicker the Fortress Shield system off just long enough to fire a salvo before snapping it back up, producing maximum survivability with some damage threat. Recommended to set all weapons in the same weapon group and linked when using this build.

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