Locations: Pretty self explanatory at this point.

Angle: Obvious

Contrail: The clouds that form behind the flame.

Length: Length of the jet flame.

Width: How wide it is.

Low/Mid/High Tech: Controls the colour of the flame. High is blue, Low is orange, Mid is orange-y but with less smoke.


Remember collisionradius? This is the second part. This controls where inside of collisionradius the edges of the ship are. Yeah I don't know why they're distinct from one another. It's pretty striaght forward from here.


I don't know what JSON stands for, but it just means the text guts of what you did. The text codes that are generated from all your hard, sweaty work in GENERAL, HARDPOINTS, ENGINES, and BOUNDS will be here. In short, you can pretty much just copy and paste this into a text file, name the ship blargblargblarg with a .ship behind it to make it a .ship file, like so: "BLARGblargBlargLargalera.ship", and the engine would read it without incident.

This ends the .ship file part of it, next will be the .variant.


NAME: The name of the variant. Combobulated with the NAME in .ship, I think the .variant name goes first. For example. .variant NAME Butt, and .ship NAME = Bagel. The name in the game when these two combined will be BUTT BAGEL.
ID: This will be the variant ID
Special note here. This is not the hullid. The variant file the editor generates at the end will include it, but this isn't it. Check the JSON of variant before hand and make sure the hullid it is there.
Flux Vents: If you don't know what this means you should probably play the game first :P.
Flux Capacitators: Same as above.

Simply the groups of weapons. Much like the weapon grouping in the game except this one will be set before hand. I don't know if AI uses this, but I think it's safe to say they do.
It's pretty self explanatory here so I'll just leave it.

The code of the variant file will be here.


OKAY, so you're done. Now for those blue buttons on the bottom left hand side. Hit "save .ship as" and "save .variant as" and you're pretty much done here. Just make sure they all get to the right places.