Weapon slots are specified in a hull's .ship file and determine where weapons can be mounted.

ID Edit

A unique identifier for the weapon slot. Used in the .variant file to identify which slot each weapon should go in.

locations Edit

X/Y coordinates of the mount.

angle Edit

Default heading of the weapon.

arc Edit

The angle in which the weapon can pivot from left to right (so 120° arc means the weapon can turn up to 60° in either direction).

mount Edit

Mount type: turret / hardpoint / hidden.

Turrets can rotate around large arcs. Hardpoints are generally fixed to 5 or 10 degrees and rotate more slowly than turrets. In vanilla, the same weapon will have a different sprite when placed in a turret vs. a hardpoint. Weapons in hidden mounts are not rendered (except for visibile missiles) and cannot be disabled.

size Edit

Small, medium or large.

type Edit

Ballistic / Energy / Missile / Hybrid / Composite / Synergy / Universal / Launch Bay / System / Decorative / Built_In / Station_Module. Pretty self explanatory, determines what type of weapons can be slotted in.

Launch Bays are where fighters are launched and refit from. System mounts are from where certain ship systems like EMP Emitter and Flares are fired. Built_In weapons are specified in the .ship file and cannot be replaced or removed. Station_Module slots are where modules are attached to stations or ships.

​See Refit Screen for information on weapon types. Note that while a weapon can technically be assigned the Hybrid, Composite, Synergy or Universal weapon types, such weapons can only go into Universal Mounts (so e.g. a Hybrid weapon cannot fit into a Ballistic, Energy or Hybrid mount).