Medusa-class Destroyer
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery rate (per day) 5%
Recovery cost (supplies) 12
Peak performance (sec) 300
Maintenance (sup/month) 12
Cargo capacity 50
Maximum crew 50
Skeleton crew 35
Fuel capacity 40
Maximum burn 9
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 2
Ordnance points 95
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 3,000
Armor rating 300
Defense Omni Shield
Shield arc 120
Shield upkeep/sec 120
Shield flux/damage 0.6
Flux capacity 6,000
Flux dissipation 400
Top speed 100
System Phase Skimmer
Mounts 2x Medium Energy
2x Small Universal
5x Small Energy
A fearsome ship whose top tier engines provide great speed and maneuverability for a destroyer. Multiple energy weapon slots allow for a plethora of tactical possibilities. Its best-in-class performance is matched by a demanding logistical profile that has led some fleet commanders to eschew its use in favor of other ships that can be deployed more frequently and cheaply.

The Medusa is one of the most respected destroyers in the sector due to its association with Black Ops and elite pirates. The few that have been aboard a Medusa can attest to its extreme level of technological sophistication. Medusa-class blueprints are few in number and are some of the rarest and most closely guarded data in the Sector.

Deemed too expensive to mass produce by most corporations and governments, it is rarely employed by the lawful authorities as a Black Ops cruiser. On the rarest occasion, a Medusa-class hull may fall into the hands of pirates. The usual results are a drastic reduction in system small to medium shipping, which puts a strain on most planetary and outpost economies.

Sector naval tacticians have few answers for the threat that the Medusa presents.

–In-Game Description

The Medusa is a fast high-tech destroyer.


Though its armor is lacking, its efficient omni shield offers good protection, and its Phase Skimmer can be used to get out of trouble in a pinch.

Medusa can be fitted for a variety of roles, from point defense to close support. The universal hardpoints can be fitted with missiles or ballistics; there's usually no reason to mount energy weapons on them.

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