Mayasura is a star system of the Core Worlds. It is part of the Persean League. Once, it was home to the Mayasuran terraforming cabal, an independent nation whose might rivaled the Hegemony, and acted as a roadblock in their expansion on the northern Core Worlds. Their capital of Mairaath was crowned with three massive space cities. Combined, they housed tens of millions of people and formed the keystone of the terraforming project which transformed Mairaath into a paradise world. Until a terrible day of October 22 of Cycle 82, when the Mayasurans were laid low.

A fanatical faction of the Luddic Path assaulted the three Astropoli that orbited the paradise world, culminating in one of them crashing into the planet and utterly devastating it. Shortly after the terrorist attack, a Hegemony task force led by commodore Jensulte attacked the Mayasuran Navy and destroyed its flagship, the Conquest-class MSS Garuda, dealing the killing blow to their nation, and their subsequent annexation until the Persean League's rise allowed them to be relatively free again.

Mayasura is predominantly owned by Tri-Tachyon, with a Pirate station in the asteroid belt beyond Mairaath, and the Persean League world of Mairaath. Mayasura is completely hand-crafted, and will not be altered by procedural generation.

Mayasura, Yellow Star[edit | edit source]


A G2 type primary sequence star, estimated age is five billion years. Surface temperature is only about six thousand degrees, while core temperature could well exceed fifteen million degrees.

–In-Game Description

  • Center of the Mayasura Star System

Kasyapa (Mayasura I), Barren World[edit | edit source]

Mayasura I: Kasyapa

Radiation from the nearby star ravages the surface world due to the lack of an atmospheric ozone layer. No significant geological activity. No indigenous life forms.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mayasura

Gelan (Mayasura II), Toxic World[edit | edit source]

Mayasura II: Gelan

A large and relatively massive planet in close orbit of its primary, stellar wind has whisked away lighter elements leaving carbon and sulfur dioxides to dominate the atmosphere. The death-shroud of poisonous gas creates a runaway greenhouse effect which, in addition to the crushing gravity, ensures extremely inhospitable surface conditions.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mayasura

Gelan's Shackle (Planetary Ring)[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Gelan

Mayasura Jump-point[edit | edit source]

  • Inner system jump-point
  • Orbits Mayasura as Gelan's L4 trojan

Mairaath (Mayasura III), Desert World[edit | edit source]

Mayasura III: Mairaath

Mairaath was devastated by a coordinated Luddic Path operation in cycle 82 which turned its awesome orbital station-cities into weapons thrown against the fantastically terraformed surface. What remains is a charred and broken world, the carefully nurtured weather patterns of the great Mayasuran terraforming cabal transformed into nightmarish storms that circle the globe, forever stirring the ashes of a murdered world.

–In-Game Description

  • Persean League Market
    • Rural Polity
    • 10^5 Population
  • Orbits Mayasura

Abandoned Astropolis[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Astropolis

Destroyed in the attack on Mairaath of Cycle 82, this cold wreckage of the former astropolis remains in orbit in a cloud of its own debris.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mairaath
  • One of the three free storage spaces in the Core Worlds

Makeshift Sensor Array[edit | edit source]

Makeshift Sensor Array

Built using the best technology available in the Sector, a makeshft sensor array is nonetheless capable of passively monitoring the entire star system and has a transmitter capable of real-time, faster-than-light data transmission to friendly fleets within. The data is useful to supplement the regular sensor readings made by fleets.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mayasura as Mairaath's L3 trojan

Shade Chah (Stellar Shade)[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Mayasura as Mairaath's L5 trojan

The Danavas (Asteroid Field I)[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Mayasura just outside Mairaath's orbit

Lost Astropolis[edit | edit source]

Lost Astropolis

Formerly one of the three astropoli of Mairaath, this station was rammed by a Prometheus-class fuel carrier and torn from orbit on a trail of fusion fire and radioactive dust. It has since been taken over by scavengers and made into a pirate haven. The structure still comes up alarmingly hot on radiation scans, but the refugees, desperates, and bandits who call this station home have more timely concerns.

–In-Game Description

  • Pirate Market
    • Organized Crime
    • Free Port
    • Large Refugee Population
    • Orbital Station
    • Outpost
  • Orbits Mayasura just outside the Danavas

Mayasura Gate (Inactive Gate)[edit | edit source]

Mayasura Gate

A solid ring of adamantine material, derelict of a former age.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mayasura opposite the Lost Astropolis

The Daitya (Asteroid Belt II)[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Mayasura between Mairaath and Diti

Diti (Mayasura IV), Ice Giant[edit | edit source]

Mayasura IV: Diti

A giant planet composed of water, ammonia and methane. Within the depths, gravity generates enough pressure to form a core of metallic hydrogen.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mayasura

Arjun's World (Mayasura IV-A), Rocky Unstable World[edit | edit source]

Mayasura IV-A: Arjun's World

An unstable world rocked by quakes and eruptions. Where the surface is not covered by seas of cooled lava, it is dominated by rough peaks and scattered supervolcanoes which eject toxic gases to form a tenuous and corrosive atmosphere. This is not a place welcoming to any kind of permanent settlement.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Diti

Port Tse Franchise Station[edit | edit source]

Port Tse Franchise Station

A center of mercenary recruitment and a commercial interface with unsavory elements. A Tri-Tachyon taskforce took over the station some decades ago with a (possibly) valid deed and mercenary fleet. A trading post and port were established and those who refused to pay the new rents evicted. Populated mostly by retired pirates, radicals, and refugees, it is rumored that cargo containers have their IDs wiped and re-tagged here. The cocktail bar "Level 25" enjoys a reputation for having the best drinks in the local volume.

–In-Game Description

  • Tri-Tachyon Market
    • Military Base
    • Free Port
    • Ore Mining Complex
    • Orbital Station
    • Hydroponics Complex
    • 10^4 Population
  • Orbits Diti

Makeshift Nav Buoy[edit | edit source]

Makeshift Nav Buoy

Built using the best technology available in the Sector, a nav buoy monitors the in-system hyperfield and is capable of transmitting its findings to friendly fleets in-system. The data is often somewhat unreliable but still useful in making on-the-fly drive field adjustments.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mayasura as Diti's L3 trojan

Mayasura Relay[edit | edit source]

Mayasura Relay

A Domain-era technology used primarily on the frontier, this is a hyperwave communications array which transmits and receives data between star systems at faster-than-light speeds. The rapidly pulsing hyperwaves suitable for FTL data transmission have been shown to damage DNA so these relays are always stationed away from habitats.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Mayasura as Diti's L4 trojan

The Takshaka (Asteroid Belt III)[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Mayasura

Fringe Jump-point[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Mayasura

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mayasura was an ancient king in Hindu mythology known for his architectural skills.
  • Kasyapa was a famous Hindu sage.
  • Mairaath was the capital of Mayasura's kingdom.
  • The Danavas are the descendants of the king Daksha's daughter Danu in Hindu mythology.
  • the Daityas are the descendants of Kasyapa and Diti in Hindu mythology.
  • Diti is an earth goddess inHindu mythology.
  • Arjuna is a legendary Hindu warlord and the central figure of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
  • Takshaka is the king of the nagas in Hindu mythology.

Version History[edit | edit source]

  • The timeline in Starsector's blog site mentioned Mayasura and its dark history before the system was added in version 0.8a

Mod Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Legacy of Arkgneisis adds a station beyond Diti's orbit called "Genocide Outpost", named like that by the Anarakis Reparations Society out of disgust against the Luddic Path and the Hegemony's actions.
  • Mayasuran Navy changes the faction which controls Mairaath to the newly added Mayasuran Navy, as well as change their relevant history to one where they weather the luddic path's attack, and the subsequent assault by the Hegemony's task force under Commodore Jensulte. Which means they now continue to cling to a now battered and broken Mairath, while still being separate and in good relations with the Persean League.
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