Mark IX Autocannon
Heavy assault cannon turret.png
General Information
Mount Large, Ballistic
Primary Role Anti Shield
Ordnance points 18
DPS 348
Damage type Kinetic
Range 900
Flux/sec 348
Accuracy Poor
Turn rate Slow
Shots/min 104
Damage 200x4
An imposing medium range autocannon, most effective versus shields. Also obliterates unarmored hulls with a large volume of heavy caliber projectiles.

It is known that warships of the early epoch of the Domain lacked contemporary levels of armor protection. A weapon with a name like the Mark IX Autocannon was probably a refinement of the earliest schools of weapons engineering in the Domain. Two barrels combined with a unique double-loader system form the core of the weapon system.

The Mark IX blueprints were first re-discovered in the Sector from a drifting derelict captured in the gravity well of Penelope's Star. After a hasty examination by an unqualified appraiser, the design was declared obsolete. The blueprint was auctioned off to a small mercenary organization known as the Free Star Combine, a militant subsidiary of the Ko Combine, and forgotten.

Cycles later, the Free Star Combine finally built a prototype and begun weapon trials. The weapon was deemed too huge, difficult to mount in all but the largest craft, mediocre at best versus armored targets, and its range was anything but extraordinary. Nonetheless, the Mark IX stubbornly refused to be explained away by the theorists, as its raw damage output is impressive. These naysayers were quieted even further when secondary trials showed how utterly devastating the Mark IX is to shield generators.

The results of these trials did not remain secret for long, and the availability of the now common blueprints meant that the Mark IX was quickly manufactured to meet the demand in the Sector.

–In-Game Description

The Mark IX Autocannon is a large kinetic weapon. It provides a serviceable, affordable anti-shield option for large ships where OPs are at a premium and/or the range of the Gauss Cannon or sheer DPS of the Storm Needler are not required.

Animation[edit | edit source]

Autocannon IX.gif

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Change History[edit | edit source]


  • Mark IX: reduced flux/shot to 200 (was: 230)

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Up to date for version 0.95

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