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Engages extra thrusters to greatly improve the ship's maneuverability at the expense of some flux. Also provides a boost to the ship's top speed.

–In-Game Description

This ship system is known to be used on the following ships:


Maneuvering Jets can be used in addition to the 0-flux speed bonus. In version 0.6a this speed bonus is maintained until the system effect expires. This is particularly useful for slow ships such as the Conquest which can reach a breakneck speed of 145 by default if this is executed correctly. (45 Base Speed + 50 0-flux bonus + 50 Maneuvering Jets = 145)

Engines cannot flame out from damage while Maneuvering Jets is active; at least one engine will remain operational until the effect duration ends.
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Change History[]


  • Shepherd ship system is now "Maneuvering Jets"