Magec is predominantly Tri-Tachyon and Independent with a small pirate force and station in system. There are two stars: Magec, the center of the system, and Achaman.

Magec, Blue Giant[edit | edit source]


A very high temperature and luminosity O-type star. Although extraordinarily massive this star is short-lived due to the hellish rate at which it fuses its constituent elements. It will quickly, for a star, explode as a supernova which may briefly outshine entire galaxies before transforming into a black hole or neutron star. The energies released from the star's raging fusion heat erupt in powerful stellar winds that will strip the atmosphere from closely orbiting planets - and the hull of any starships that linger nearby.

–In-Game Description

  • Center of the Magec System

Chaxiraxi (Magec I), Gas Giant[edit | edit source]

Magec I: Chaxiraxi

A hot gas giant world in close orbit of Magec; composed mostly of hydrogen and helium gasses, the temperature and pressure at the core are extreme. Due to proximity to its primary, the outer layers of Chaxiraxi are continually heated and stripped away in long plumes of shimmering ionized particles. Gas-skimmers occasionally deploy the airy wings of magfield collectors to harvest these light volatiles.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Magec

Maxios (Magec II), Barren World[edit | edit source]

Magec II: Maxios

A small terrestrial planet, Maxios was once the cosmopolitan hub of the system. Now spotted with ruins and impacts both ancient and fresh, the crumbling orbital defense system provides only intermittent coverage. Civilization is collapsed and the current population is unknown. There is no stable ruling policy. Looters and survivors clash occasionally, the weapons-blink and electromagnetic noise of low-level combat sputtering like a gas giant's electrical storms.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Magec

Maxios Jump Point[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Maxios
  • In-System jump point

Guayota's Disk (Stellar Ring)[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Magec
  • Contains two asteroid belts

Nova Maxios[edit | edit source]

Nova Maxios

Once a major hub of harvesting operations in the Disk, the station was swarmed by refugees from the Maxios collapse and this hub of processing facilities was turned into a civilian habitat. Through desperate tenacity and hard-earned know-how, the refugees built not only a new civil society but a light industrial economy fed by scattered space farms and independent harvesters. Nova Maxios is protected by a militia-navy and considers itself the successor polity of the Maxios Chapter, but is too small to force major factions to recognize its claim.

–In-Game Description

  • Independent Market
    • Orbital Station
    • Ore Mining Complex
    • Light Industrial Complex
    • Hydroponics Complex (2)
    • Trade Center
    • 10^4 Population
  • Orbits Magec inside Guayota's Disk

Guayota Relay[edit | edit source]

Guayota Relay

An imitation of the Domain-era counterpart, constructed using what passes for the state of the art in the Sector. Nonetheless, a makeshift comm relay is capable of facilitating faster-than-light comms between star systems, even if the transmission speeds are less than ideal and the occasional phantom comm streams picked up give nightmares to even the most seasoned operators.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Magec inside Guayota's Disk

Kanta's Den[edit | edit source]

Kanta's Den

An asteroid habitat was taken by force during the Maxios Charter collapse by a wildly ambitious logistics security officer, Kanta, who cut herself a deal with local pirate groups to act as their secure base of operations. The station is protected by a cloud of stealth-mines and crude firebases while Kanta herself, now nearly two hundred years old, heads a minor dynasty, still holding tight personal control over 'the family business'.

–In-Game Description

  • Pirate Market
    • Stealth Minefields
    • Trace Center
    • Organized Crime
    • Ore Mining Complex
    • Orbital Station
    • 10^3 Population
  • Orbits Magec inside Guayota's Disk opposite Guayota Relay

Achaman, White Star[edit | edit source]

Magec B: Achaman

The beginning of the end for most stars, the white dwarf was once a red giant not massive enough to fuse carbon. Extremely dense and slowly radiating away its heat as it no longer undergoes fusion reactions, its volume is supported against gravitational collapse only by electron degeneracy pressure.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Magec

Tibicena (Magec B I), Rocky Metallic World[edit | edit source]

Magec B I: Tibicena

A rocky-metallic husk-world, its shattered landscape is a record of a violent history. Kilometers-deep chasms rive the surface and craters pit lava-fields beneath inert volcanoes that dwarf any of those on Old Earth. Planets like this are valued for mining operations. There is no significant ecology and only trace atmosphere.

–In-Game Description

  • Tri-Tachyon Market
    • Outpost
    • Ore Mining Complex
    • Orbital Station
    • Free Port
    • Trade Center
    • 10^5 Population
    • Uninhabitable World
  • Orbits Achaman

Achaman Enterprise Station[edit | edit source]

Achaman Enterprise Station

The value of Achaman Station is as a relatively safe port of call for the various inhabitants of Guayota's Disk to interact with traders from the sector at-large, who otherwise rarely risk the pirates and difficult navigation of the Disk. The Tri-Tachyon Corporation, as 'caretaker' of the station, is well-situated to exploit its value handily - and do. It is often said that everything is for sale at Achaman Station.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Tibicena
  • Extension of Tibicena base

Achaman Relay[edit | edit source]

Achaman Relay

A Domain-era technology, a nav buoy monitors the in-system hyperfield and is capable of transmitting its findings to friendly fleets in-system. The data readings are pristine and of great use in configuring drive fields.

–In-Game Description

  • Orbits Magec as Achaman's L4 trojan

Fringe Jump-point[edit | edit source]

  • Orbits Magec

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Magec system was revealed as one of four new star systems in the Fleet Creation Blog.
  • Added in the 0.65a Update.
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