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Luddic Path
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General Information
Starting attitude Hostile (-50)
Offers commissions No
Allies Luddic Church (+75 Cooperative)
Enemies Hegemony (-50 Hostile)
Tri-Tachyon (-50 Hostile)
Sindrian Diktat (-50 Hostile)
Independent (-50 Hostile)
Persean League (-50 Hostile)

This page is about the Luddic Path minor faction in the Sector. For information on Luddic Path cells in Colonies please see the Colony Threat section instead.

The Luddic Path controls the markets of Chalcedon in Kumari Kandam and Epiphany in Al Gebbar.


Aside from the normal faction fleets, the Luddic Path dispatches raider fleets from Luddic Church markets that travel to other systems, aggressively attacking enemies they encounter. The raider fleets can consist of up to four frigates.

Though they use only basic and/or low-tech ship classes like the Cerberus and Kite, Pather vessels all have the Safety Override hullmod, making them deceptively dangerous in a knife fight.

When a Pather fleet encounters the player, it will demand a "tithe" starting at several hundred credits. The player can pay this amount to avoid a fight, or refuse and engage the enemy fleet.

The Luddic Path creates cells on markets with economic activities it disapproves of (Anything that has an AI Core installed will attract their attention, as well as Mining, Refining, and Tech-Mining. if the interest value of the colony increases above or equal to 7, a Pather Cell will spawn there.). These cause a persistent stability penalty and can disrupt an industry or cause a destabilization event. Destroying the hidden base supporting a Pather cell will suppress it for an entire cycle (Old Earth Year).

Pather Interest
Source Interest
Gamma Core, Mining 1
Beta Core, Refining, Tech-Mining on Scattered Ruins. Fuel Production, Orbital Works 2
Alpha Core, Tech-Mining on Widespread Ruins, Corrupted Nanoforge, Pristine Nanoforge, Synchrotron Core, Orbital Fusion Lamp, Autonomous Mantle Bore, Catalytic Core, Soil Nanites, Biofactory Embryo, Fullerene Spool, Plasma Dynamo, Cryoarithmetic Engine, Combat Drone Replicators, Dealmaker Holosuite 4
Tech-Mining on Extensive Ruins 6
Hypershunt Tap, Tech-Mining on Vast Ruins 8
AI Core Administrator 10


"The Luddic Path is a loosely associated category of radical, de-centralized, apocalyptic sects of Luddism that claim a truer interpretation of Ludd's Message. They view the Church as compromised and corrupt, putting worldly ego and comforts before the True Luddic Path in these the end-times. The war of Armageddon is NOW and the lines are drawn! Only through forceful righteous action shall Good destroy Evil, and only through violence will the abomination of humanity's hubris and rebellion against God be swept aside in a final act of redemption. Or so they claim. The Luddic Path necessarily finds itself at odds with nearly all other factions in the Sector."



Epiphany, size 4, Al Gebbar Star System

Chalcedon, size 5, Kumari Kandam Star System

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