Lions guard
Headquarters of the feared personal guard of Phillip 'The Lion' Andrada. Boasting superb training and access to the best equipment credits can buy, the fanatical loyalty of the Guard is maintained through a system of perks and incentives that both elevate and isolate the Guard from the Diktat's regular military.

–In-game Description

Lion's Guard HQ is a structure. It is available exclusively to the Sindrian Diktat on Sindria, a planet in the Askonia system.



  • Provides +2 stability to the colony.


Lion's Guard HQ has a base upkeep of 3000 credits, increasing by the same amount for each colony size past 3.


Lion's Guard HQ produces the following commodities;

  • Crew; equal to colony size
  • Marines; equal to colony size


Lion's Guard HQ demands the following commodities;


  • The Lion's Guard HQ is similar to a Military Base or High Command, producing the same amount of Crew and Marines at a lower base upkeep of 3000 credits, and requiring one less of each demanded commodity. In exchange, it requires Heavy Armaments equal to colony size and provides no ground defense strength.
  • This structure primarily exists for worldbuilding, serving as an in-universe explanation for the unique Lion's Guard fleets found defending Askonia, that tend to host stronger ships and higher quality officers than typical Sindrian fleets.

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