Light Autocannon
Light autocannon turret
General Information
Mount Small, Ballistic
Primary Role Close Support
Ordnance points 4
DPS 100
Damage type Kinetic
Range 600
Flux/sec 110
Accuracy Very Poor
Turn rate Fast
Shots/min 120
Damage 50
A small caliber autocannon with a good range for such a light weapon. Designed to weaken enemy shields, especially effective against weaker generators.

Usually manufactured with small bores perfect for medium- to long-range. The weapon fires high velocity kinetic rounds designed to overload enemy shields with ease. Features an autoloader and is liquid cooled.

Excellent fire support weapon for smaller craft. Poor mount turn rate makes it a bad choice vs fighters and missiles.

–In-Game Description

The Light Autocannon is a small, cheap, inaccurate kinetic weapon with modest range and firepower. It is the smaller version of the Light Dual Autocannon and the Heavy Autocannon.


Light Autocannon
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Change HistoryEdit


  • Significantly increased turn rate

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