Ion Pulser
Ionpulser t00.png
General Information
Mount Medium, Energy
Primary Role Suppression
Ordnance points 11
DPS (sustained) 900 (200)
Damage type Energy
Range 500
Flux/sec 1000 (200)
Accuracy Very Poor
Turn rate Fast
Shots/min 600
Damage 90x3
EMP damage 600x3
Max clips 20
Ammo / clip 3
Charges 20
Ammo recharge per minute 120
Built for improved firepower, this enhanced version of the Ion Cannon delivers an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) which can quickly disable enemy systems and engines, dealing heavy damage and arcing to modules near the points of impact.

The Ion Pulser's nonstandard gain medium projects highly-ionized baryonic matter in a coherent bolt via one of three rotating linear accelerator apparati. When the ion bolt impacts the target it creates a localized magnetic field which plays havoc with all manner of electronics, including sensors, fuel igniters, targeting modules, computers, etc. The weapon also fuses certain circuits, and can mildly strain shield generators, thus it does negligible amount of permanent damage. Rarely the only weapon type fitted on ships.

–In-Game Description

The Ion Pulser is a close-range support weapon, effective at disabling targets unprotected by shields.

When hitting hull or armor an EMP arc will form in addition to the Ion Pulser direct damage, potentially striking weapons or engines far from the impact point. This makes dropping shields against an Ion Pulser particularly risky.

Animation[edit | edit source]

Ion Pulser.gif

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Change History[edit | edit source]


  • Ion Pulser: damage set to 90


  • EMP arcs now deal 100% of base non-EMP damage instead of 25%


  • Reload size set from null to 3 (Now uses clips. 6 clips max, 3 ammo per clip)

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Up to date for version 0.95

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