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General Information
Starting attitude Neutral (0)
Offers commissions No
Allies none
Enemies Pirates (-50 Hostile)
Luddic Path (-50 Hostile)

The Independents are a collection of "neutral" polities that together make up a major faction in the Sector.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Independents primarily use freighters and midline ships. Independent stations and planets are spread out across the systems, including Maxios and New Maxios in Magec, Glasnir in Vahalla, Nomios and Agreus in Arcadia, and Asharu in Corvus. Agreus has the highest Independent population, while the only Independent owned station is New Maxios. Since Independent stations are in half the systems, it's easy to gain reputation with them in most places through trading or bounty hunting.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Not a unified faction as such, the Independents are a loose category of polities and free agents unified more by a lack of association with a major faction than any shared qualities. Independent worlds and the spacers who call them home often share data, trade generously among themselves, and will readily cooperate to perform short-term security and military actions to better protect what freedom they have maintained by working together. Equally likely, trust can break down, and Independents will suspiciously deny each other favors, compete viciously, and turn a blind eye to the misfortune of neighbours.

–In-Game Faction Description

Markets[edit | edit source]

Nomios, size 3, Arcadia Star System

Agreus, size 5, Arcadia Star System

Nortia, size 4, Askonia Star System

Asharu, size 4, Corvus Star System

Baetis, size 5, Eos Exodus Star System

Derinkuyu Mining Station*, size 4, Galatia Star System - NOTE: Starts under Pirates control, changes to Independent market after ??? some time

Cethlenn, size 4, Hybrasil Star System

Nova Maxios, size 4, Magec Star System

Orthrus, size 4, Samarra Star System

Eldfell, size 5, Thule Star System

Ailmar, size 5, Westernesse Star System

Ilm, size 5, Zagan Star System

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