Hyperion-class Frigate

Logistical Data
Recovery rate (per day) 8%
Maintenance (sup/month) 30 (+15)
Cargo capacity 10
Maximum crew 15
Skeleton crew 5
Fuel capacity 15
Maximum burn 10
Fuel per light year 1
Ordnance points 65
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 1,000
Armor rating 100
Defense Front Shield
Flux capacity 3,300
Flux dissipation 280
Top speed 160
Mounts 2x Small Missile
2x Small Energy
2x Medium Energy
Hull mods High Maintenance
Advanced Stats
CR per deployment 40%
Recovery cost (supplies) 15
Peak performance (sec) 120
Shield arc 300
Shield upkeep/sec 168
Shield flux/damage 0.6
A supremely advanced design, fragile but with a superb power generator and the ability to mount more ordnance than any other mainstream frigate. Extremely expensive for its size.

Due to the perfectly modular design of the hull, power couplings and weapon slots, modifications of this ship class are not taxing on in flux shunts, plasma relays or the power core. In short, hull modifications are extremely easy to complete. It is often the case that a Hyperion-class is finely tuned with a cornucopia of mutually boosting hull modifications that make it even deadlier that a variant that is simply bristling with weapons. Naturally, such special modifications are not for the engineering novice and the uninitiated may just blow their entire fortune on a concept that seems good on paper, but is in fact useless in the battlespace. That is why there are many engineers that shun this modification-heavy approach and opt for a more weapon focused platform.

The end results of either approach usually affirm the apprehensive attitude Sector stellators have toward this ship.

–In-Game Description

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Hyperion is arguably the most technologically advanced frigate ever produced. Its prodigious capabilities are matched only by its grueling logistical profile. Great care should be taken when flying or fighting against a Hyperion as its ability to teleport great distances (1500 SU) instantly enables it to take advantage of even the smallest gap in fleet defenses, or teleport itself into a position its meager defenses cannot withstand.

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