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Hullmods are modifications that can be made to a ship through the Refit Screen, at an Ordnance Point cost. They grant bonuses such as increased range and armor. Some hullmods are automatically present on certain ship hulls, or even specific to those ships and cannot be installed or removed.

New hullmods can be obtained by using "modspecs" available in markets or found as loot. Some hullmods can also be learned by unlocking certain skills. Once a hullmod has been unlocked it can be installed on any number of player ships.

Damage hullmods[]

Damage hullmods (commonly known as D-mods) represent serious long-term damage to a ship, and are added when a ship is recovered after battle. They may be removed by restoring the ship in a dock at a planet or station, for a high credit cost. Ships with damage mods cost fewer supplies to deploy.

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Change History[]


  • Auxiliary Thrusters now available at game start; reduced OP cost for capitals to 25(from 30)
  • Unstable Injector
    • Removed acceleration bonus and engine damage penalty
    • Now reduces weapon range by 25%
    • Reduced OP cost
  • Augmented Engines
    • Removed in-combat speed bonus
    • Reduced cost
    • Renamed to "Augmented Drive Field"
  • Dedicated Targeting Core: reduced cost
  • Integrated Targeting Unit:
    • Reduced cost to match DTC
    • Slightly increased range bonus for cruisers (+5%) and capital ships (+10%)
  • Hullmods can now be acquired from a "Modspec" item
    • Dropped by enemies
    • Found as salvage
    • Bought on markets

New/adjusted hullmods:

  • All percentile reductions applied by hullmods are now multiplicative
    • Most already were; this is just cleanup to ensure consistency
    • Goal is to avoid unreasonable stacking, i.e. -50% and -50% reducing a value to 0
  • Flux Coil Adjunct, Flux Distributor:
    • Cost 4/8/12/20 ordnance points
    • Provide dissipation/capacity at 75% efficiency compared to vents and capacitors
    • Available from the start
  • Generally reduced penalties from d-mods
  • ECCM Package: now also reduces weapon range penalty from losing Electronic Warfare
  • Expanded Missile Racks:
    • Now increases missile ammo by 100% (was: 75%)
    • Ordnance point cost increased substantially
    • One-shot Reaper torpedo launcher now has a 5 second cooldown
  • Degraded Engines: reduced sensor signature penalty, reduced movement penalty
  • Accelerated Shields: no longer available from start
  • Expanded Magazines: no longer available from start
  • Reinforced Bulkheads: available at campaign start
  • Salvage Gantry: removed bonus to salvage from being deployed in combat, wasn't working right design-wise
  • New hullmods:
    • Expanded Deck Crew
    • Recovery Shuttles
    • Nav Relay
    • ECM Package
    • Operations Center
  • Adjusted various related hullmods; of particular note:
    • High Resolution Sensors give a flat +60 to sensor strength
    • Phase Field sets the ship's profile to 0