Mission: Hornet's Nest
Location: In orbit around Aureus III
Date: 201.09.11
The Auerus system was well on its way before the collapse. Now, the settlements are in ruins, the planets are inhabited by decivilized survivors, and space travel is a mere legend. Nonetheless, much semi-functional equipment remains to be recovered.

A privately funded force is tasked with establishing a base of operations from which to begin system-wide salvage operations. Unfortunately, the system is home to a large number of pirates, looters, and other private salvage companies, who temporarily put aside their differences to repel the new threat.

Of course, this was expected, and the backers provided for the salvage fleet to include many combat-effective vessels. Nonetheless, the fleet commander is primarily a salvage expert, not a strategist, and is hard put to effectively control his forces.
Tactical Briefing
- Defeat all enemy forces
- You have very limited Command Points
Your Flagship
Name: ISS Van Rijn
Type: Apogee-class
Order of Battle
{{{allied_state}}} 1x Apogee
1x Gemini
1x Medusa
2x Tempest
1x Wolf
1x Xyphos
2x Longbow
2x Wasp
{{{enemy_state}}} 1x Dominator
2x Enforcer
1x Condor
1x Hammerhead
2x Buffalo MkII
4x Hound
2x Lasher
1x Mining Pod
2x Piranha
1x Broadword
3x Talon
ISS Van Rijn and salvage fleet Scavenger and pirate coalition fleets