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The High Tech Station is one of the three buildable station industries.

It is rare in the Sector, being found only around the core Tri-Tachyon planets of Culann and Eochu Bres, the Persean League's Yesod, and the occasional pirate base.


High Tech Orbital Station

Unlike other station types, the core modules are not shielded directly. Instead, two separate Shield Modules run along the inner ring (moving faster than the rest of the station) and cover the other modules. These can be very tough to kill, especially with their Fortress Shield ship system. Furthermore, driving shield flux up and even overloading the shield module(s) does not inhibit the gun modules' ability to fire like it would with a normal ship. However, the shields cannot provide 360° coverage, so the other modules will be periodically uncovered. If overloaded, the shield modules can be shot and killed, although the main modules will usually be in the way.

High Tech Battlestation

The High Tech Orbital Station consists of two Station Batteries and one Hangar Module arranged in a slowly rotating circle. The batteries have heavy energy weapons, while the hangar module is only lightly armed but has four fighter bays and a Recall Device ship system.

High Tech Star Fortress

The Battlestation adds a Heavy Citadel and an extremely tough Station Armour module. Both are extended on struts and rotate about the station, faster than the core modules (at the same speed as the shield). They thus help cover the gaps between the shields. The citadel has its own shield and a Fortress Shield ship system.

The Star Fortress adds four Gargoyle drones, and both Station Batteries gain an enhanced version of the Mine Strike ship system. This means the station can quickly lay down a barrage of mines from unexpected directions that can greatly threaten even large ships and evaporate whole fighter wings.


  • The player should avoid building a High Tech Station until procuring the blueprints for at least one large energy weapon. Otherwise, the station will have to downsize its weapons.
  • Autofit can produce extremely dangerous loadouts for a High Tech Station. For instance, Plasma Cannons have massive DPS to pound down enemy shields and armour, and some mod weapons are similarly devastating. The station's firepower is largely not limited by flux, so it can fire for extended periods of time and cannot be suppressed by inflicting damage on shields.
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